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Magik reviewed X-Factor #2 Aug 26, 2020

Did the writer get the memo that she's suppose to writte a comic book and not some bad fanfic? The text try to hard to be fun, but it feels like some really bad tumblr/twitter talk, like some old man trying to keep it with the kids, it's extra cringe, try harder Williams.

X-Factor #2

By: Leah Williams, David Baldeon
Released: Aug 26, 2020

The team gets their first case - investigating the disappearance of a mutant dancer at a prestigious ballet the Mojoverse!
Rated T+

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there's nothing good about this issue, other than a couple jabs at rich people here and there. the art is terrible, the characterization of John feels (unfortunately) more New 52 than Vertigo, with a flaming hand at one point, and glowing sigils on his walls, Lucifer is bastardized once more, disrespecting the fantastic character masterfully written by Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey, and worst of all, more

Hellblazer: Rise and Fall #1

By: Tom Taylor, Darick Robertson
Released: Sep 2, 2020

A billionaire falls out of the sky and is gruesomely skewered on a church spire. Bizarrely, Angel Wings are attached to his back. More follow until, hallelujah, it's raining businessmen. Detective Aisha Bukhari is stumped by this, until she's visited by her childhood friend, occult investigator John Constantine. DC’s Hellblazer discovers a link b...

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maelstron - Sep 5, 2020

This series has nothing to do with Hellblazer getting cancelled. This is a mini from black label. trashing this book won't un-cancel the Spurrier book

Weird Science Jim - Sep 6, 2020

"this issue presents cops as decent people"???? One is a childhood friend and I would say it presents a couple of characters as decent people. You know that Barry Allen works for the police right? Renee Montoya, Jim Gordon, Maggie Sawyer, Martian Manhunter, the Green Lantern Corps for crying out loud!

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YourGreenMuse reviewed Empyre #5 Aug 13, 2020

I liked this issue. I thought the wedding was nice. I thought everything with the Thing was written very well. I wasn't expecting the one death in the issue, although I have a feeling that will resolve itself. I'm interested in seeing where it leads. This definitely feels like an event built around its tie-ins. The whole Invasion of Wakanda, for instance, had its own miniseries. I feel like that's more

Empyre #5

By: Al Ewing, Valerio Schiti
Released: Aug 12, 2020

• Love and war - in the midst of cosmic cataclysm!
•  One fan-favorite Marvel hero reveals their secret - as another faces the ultimate showdown with a monstrous foe!
•  Meanwhile, an outer-space jailbreak leads to a trial by combat you'll have to see to believe...
• ...but is it all too late to save Earth from two world-en...

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Weird Science Jim - Aug 13, 2020

the worst is the Thor tie-in Tony keeps bringing up that never happened!

YourGreenMuse - Aug 13, 2020

I think the Thor tie-in should've been kept. But we really have no idea what the reasoning for which tie-ins were culled was. It could've been that the ones with the most completed pages were given deference. Or it could've just been decided by what was projected to sell best.

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Dan posted on Jokerman's profile Aug 8, 2020

jokerman, I've been getting numerous complaints about your conduct on the site. It's created a level of antagonism that goes against the spirit of what I want the site to be and is affecting others' enjoyment of the site. I have no way of knowing if you read all the issues you review, but please only review issues you've read. And for the issues you have read and would like to review, there's a 20 point scale you can use to give a more evolved rating rather than reducing issues to either Masterpiece or Trash. That kind of reductive rating style is not only insulting to others who’ve enjoyed the issues you’ve labeled as Trash, but can either boost or bomb an issue's rating unfairly, which in turn causes our aggregate community ratings for each issue to mean less. This site is built on the contributions of all of us, so please consider the effects your contributions have on the site and the community that enjoys being here. If not, I have no problem with removing your account.

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Dan - Aug 12, 2020

Jokerman and his reviews are gone. Let's all move on now and get back to enjoying our trash comics.

Weird Science Jim - Aug 13, 2020

I don't know that more readers depend on it overall, but there is a certain group that seem pretty dedicated to the user reviews.

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ThighRider2099 reviewed Ghost Rider #7 Aug 2, 2020

Got cancelled and had such a promising first story arc... oh well. Fuck it I guess, right MARVEL?? Just keep throwing all your money and resources towards Donny Cates. Which guess what... if you didn't know, Cates sucks lol. Repetitive storytelling and what not. Heard he's an asshole too. Anyways, fuck Cates and fuck marvel.

But hey, Knull is gonna be cool right??? lol
>Knull is just as lame and money hungery as the Empyre series itself. Feel really sorry for Cates fans right now. Must suxk being blind by hype... more

Ghost Rider #7

By: Ed Brisson, Aaron Kuder
Released: Jul 8, 2020

Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch already went to war against each other as Spirits of Vengeance, but now that Danny is possessed by the Spirit of Corruption, the real fireworks are ready to begin!
Rated T+

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YourGreenMuse - Sep 3, 2020

SCAD is screwing over their students by not allowing them to get partial reimbursement for their tuition costs after the school went to online-only courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason students would seek reimbursement is because with SCAD being an art and design school, part of getting an effective education is using the physical resources that the school provides. There's a class-action lawsuit filed, I'm not sure what its status is now.

ThighRider2099 - Sep 3, 2020

Damn that’s pretty scummy of them! Well thanks for the information mate, highly appreciate it

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