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I just take it because I had solicited the Variant cover (Yeah I naughty ^^)
The story inside didn't succeed to gripping me back into it. Their is adult part that disappointed me more than interest me.
I don't want to make a bad notation because I think this ongoing deserve one.

Cover - 1/2 Really really nice, but sadly not link to the inside 1/2
Writing - I never was rea more

Minky Woodcock, The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini #3

By: Cynthia von Buhler
Released: Feb 14, 2018

Unappreciated at her father's detective agency, the fabulous, rabbit-loving Minky Woodcock straps on her gumshoes in order to uncover a magical mystery involving the world-famous escape artist, Harry Houdini.

Created by acclaimed artist, author, director, and playwright Cynthia Von Buhler (speakeasy dollhouse, evelyn evelyn,  emi...

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SloboSOY reviewed Marvel Two-In-One #3 Feb 15, 2018

Is there to late for Zfarsky to turn the table ? I have to tell that a lot of this issue was better than the two previous one.
I even asking myself if the "Terrific" joke was a blink to the Distinguish Competition title ^^
I like hercule a lot and didn't know he lost his power for a time. I even find the fact that without read Johnny & Ben power deplete.
But and this is a huge one. more

Marvel Two-In-One #3

By: Chip Zdarsky, Valerio Schiti
Released: Feb 14, 2018

•  Flame off! Johnny Storm is losing his powers, but why?
•  And who is the mysterious woman who says she can help?
•  Plus: The MAD THINKER and DOOM square off over REED RICHARDS as "THE FATE OF THE FOUR" continues!
Rated T

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SloboSOY reviewed Doctor Strange #385 Feb 15, 2018

A very nice ending. Logical with loki been the trickster.
Their is some sad part but making Strange story better. And there also some part a little to easy (The return of the magic)
I still think loki deserve Strange role as new sorcerer supreme. I will miss him.

Cover - I like Del Mondo, but this one is not great. And give not a full trusty part of the story. 1/2
Writing more

Doctor Strange #385

By: Donny Cates, Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Released: Feb 14, 2018

•  Get ready for a super-powered wizard's duel in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Loki, Lord of Liars, versus Stephen Strange, the former Sorcerer Supreme! And this time, way more is on the line than the title.
•  Will Loki gain the spell so dangerous, Stephen even hid it from himself?
•  And how will...

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SloboSOY reviewed Avengers #680 Feb 15, 2018

A better issue. This time with the voice of Rogue. We don't see both players & that left some place for the fallout of the 678.
I find the part with Simon going to see Beast nice. Even if I don't follow the writer with the radiation sickness who isn't one.
I have a hard time to read some part of the story ... Like who was the shade hurt after the "Damn asgardian witch" ... And who is the more

Avengers #680

By: Mark Waid, Aaron Kim Jacinto
Released: Feb 14, 2018

Wonder Man and Beast team up in a desperate attempt to save Jarvis, while the Avengers reel from the crushing loss of one of their own.
Rated T+

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After seen Mr S. at the end of the last issue I hoped to see this ongoing doing more interesting story.
That's is not what I read. The part about Parker loosing his job & becoming teacher is nice but nor original or great.
And the part about the exploding is disappointing.
So the Parker family keep going with a nice but not great issue. They have to do more for letting a real chance more

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #16

By: Jody Houser, Nathan Stockman
Released: Feb 14, 2018

•  A brand new school year, a brand new adventure!
•  Annie is in high school, but is that her DAD she sees wandering the halls?
•  Between homework, hallways, and hostile super villain battles after class...
•  ...Being a teen super hero is a lot more stressful than it used to be.

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SloboSOY reviewed The Mighty Crusaders #3 Feb 15, 2018

This story bring starling in the spot. And that is a great move because I didn't know it at all.
The first part of the battle was good & was in the favor of the heroes. So I find it surprising to see the tide turn in favor of their foes.
I'm just disappointed to didn't see darkling acting or that Dream deamon action look like Scarlet witch power in the Age of Utlron movie.
I didn't more

The Mighty Crusaders #3

By: Ian Flynn, Kelsey Shannon
Released: Feb 14, 2018

"Ambush"-The Mighty Crusaders are on the attack against the vicious Eliminators! It's an all-out brawl with the odds in the Crusaders' favor, until they're faced with a new, dark entity: The Dream Demon!

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SloboSOY reviewed Xena: Warrior Princess #1 Feb 15, 2018

Well that wasn't very original or bright ... I yawn a lot.

Cover - Nice face, but some issue with the pose. That didn't give much off the story. 1/2
Writing - Just Ok. But I would have wanted more than that. 1/3
Arts - At least their is something to save even if isn't perfect. 2/3
Feelings - I didn't take the following fortunately 0/2

Xena: Warrior Princess #1

By: Meredith Finch, Vicente Cifuentes
Released: Feb 14, 2018

The path to redemption is never easy, and the journey of a warrior princess seeking to wash the blood of innocents from her hands is no exception.   Xena travels to Athens, to plead for redemption in the temple of Eleos. But some things can never be forgiven and the shadows of past sins are long.  Will Xena find redemption or betrayal waiting f...

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SloboSOY reviewed Sideways #1 Feb 15, 2018

That was ok. Not great but some part are very nice (Not the one were Sideway appear in the bathroom of a girl friend (Not girlfriend). Nor the end with the stupide (But I think realistic) idea to film himself for social networks ... Or the bad guy.
Yeah that didn't save a lot.

Cover - Not really great or really giving something off the story. 0/2
Writing - They succeed to tie more

Sideways #1

By: Dan DiDio, Kenneth Rocafort
Released: Feb 14, 2018

During the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, high school junior Derek James accidentally fell through a rift into the dark matter dimension! Now, as Sideways, he can create rifts in midair to leap through dimensions at will! But with that much power comes great liability-and cracks are starting to form in the fabric of the space-time continuum...

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SloboSOY reviewed Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 Feb 15, 2018

Ok I do the same face than Bizarro. I was waiting for that crossing in second gear for some time now. But this one is another issue tasting as a transitional one. And from the beginning we have a lot of those now. Shame because their is a lot of potential.

Cover - Love it even if not really what i read. but close. 1.5/2
Writing - Ok we have interesting part about bizarro (But that more

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19

By: Scott Lobdell, Marcio Takara
Released: Feb 14, 2018

"Date Night"! By day, Artemis and Red Hood are teammates, but tonight they're going out on their first date. Tonight they're leaving Crime Alley behind and sampling the finer things Gotham City has to offer, including a surprise visit to the Batcave! With his friends gone for the night, how will Bizarro spend his free time? And what's the deal with...

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Ok that was definitely a weird one ... And I'm a little disappointed by the end, even more that the Batman/Mother Panic issue.
I find it too easy. This time no milk is spilled ... Well not true their is a bath and a very disturbing statue.
Am I the only one to see some lesbian implied moment ?

Cover - Well to much laugh with this one, definitely love it. 1/2
Writting - I more

Milk Wars: Shade The Changing Girl/Wonder Woman #1

By: Cecil Castellucci, Mirka Andolfo
Released: Feb 14, 2018

"MILK WARS" part three! Shade has been split into multiple parts, each representing a different mood, all in service to the perfect and beautiful Wonder Wife. But Happy Shade is starting to sense that not all is right in Wonderland, and she finds something strange staring back at her on the other side of the looking glass! Plus, part three of the E...

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SloboSOY reviewed Detective Comics #974 Feb 15, 2018

Sad & a little not what I wanted to read. I didn't like the future version of Batwoman in the start of his own ongoing. So see that happen didn't please me. And I don't like Ulysse so the end don't make me the need to see the next issue. But I will be there.
Because Tynion IV use well the cast & even the evil/support characters.
The only good thing was that with the chock maybe Red Robin more

Detective Comics #974

By: James Tynion IV, Jesus Merino
Released: Feb 14, 2018

"KNIGHT'S FALL"! Can Tim Drake piece his dreams back together after Batwoman's fateful decision, or will the Gotham Knights go their separate ways?

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SloboSOY reviewed Action Comics #997 Feb 15, 2018

This will be hard to come back to that... Sup & Lois both are in deep trouble and I don't see what will be doing for saving seem without destroying all the work in the book for now. So much for two undercover missions. The lost of Skeets didn't affect me much.

Cover - I take the variant. Not link at all to the story inside. But very wonderfull. 1/2
Writing - A superman issue, Boost more

Action Comics #997

By: Dan Jurgens, Will Conrad
Released: Feb 14, 2018

"BOOSTER SHOT" part five! Superman and Booster Gold are stranded in time on a world ruled by not one but two Generals Zod! As Lor-Zod asserts himself as rightful heir to the military dictatorship of their adopted homeworld, Old Man Zod turns his attention to the interlopers from the past. Our heroes' only hope of survival is to repair their craft a...

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SloboSOY reviewed X-Men: Red #1 Feb 12, 2018

I didn't see the political standing for oppressed minority than some see.
I read that some regret their is no action but I think they miss the moment the X-men save the girl or the Baby. Like the end when the ambassador turn rogue.
I didn't like what I read. Jean seem like criticize what was tempted before her (Utopia for exemple). But She wasn't there & the she come with a boring Xavier more

X-Men: Red #1

By: Tom Taylor, Mahmud A. Asrar
Released: Feb 7, 2018

The Hate Machine Part 1
JEAN GREY is back! Returned to a world she doesn't recognize, the First Lady of the X-MEN gathers an unlikely team - NIGHTCRAWLER, NAMOR and LAURA KINNEY (A.K.A. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE) - to face an evil that threatens to tear down XAVIER's dream by any me...

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SloboSOY reviewed Portal Bound #0 Feb 8, 2018

Not really original until the end. I would have appreciated to know what change the king.

Cover - I take the variant. 2/2
Writing - That do the job & the end is surprising 2/3
Arts - I liked some part, but not the look of the bad guy. 2/3
Feeling - That didn't give me the need to take the next issue. 0/2

Portal Bound #0

By: Mark Roslan, Alex Arizmendi
Released: Feb 7, 2018

Aspen's 15-Year Anniversary kicks off with the debut of their newest series! Their Future Depends on Each Other. A parallel otherworld exists as a mirror to our own, where science is melded with nature and a warrior spirit defines their true value. A teenage soldier princess, Sybil, is sent off with her Uncle Horuk in an effort to stop her megaloma...

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SloboSOY reviewed Zojaqan #3 Feb 8, 2018

That really behindhand. And I even didn't like the first issue & didn't succeed to be in the second issue.
So this third issue wasn't really enjoyable. I did succeed to going in on the end, but didn't like the end at all.

Cover - Nice & in relation to the story 2/2
Writing - I find it not interesting. 0/3
Arts - The art is very good. 2/3
Feeling - This time this is m more

Zojaqan #3

By: Collin Kelly, Nathan Gooden
Released: Feb 7, 2018

The thousand year war begins. An old enemy marches against the peaceful Zoja, spreading strife and bloodshed across the land. Only the time-displaced Shan stands a chance at stemming the Brutal Tide. But if she is to defeat an endless horde of enemies alone, she must stop skipping forward through time, and instead learn to control her strange abili...

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SloboSOY reviewed Spirits of Vengeance #5 Feb 8, 2018

I liked the end. Maybe a little easy, but well played. I even look forward to see again Razan.
Like always since the start of this story, the Ghost Rider rule.
I liked all the implication for the human. And I will miss this team.
If you find the tpb jump on it, this is a great story.

Cover - 1.5/2. Nice and a little related to what I read.
Writing - A great use of ea more

Spirits of Vengeance #5

By: Victor Gischler, David Baldeon
Released: Feb 7, 2018

•  NECRODAMUS' forces have disrupted the covenant and there's HELL to pay...
•  DAIMON HELLSTROM and SATANA are forced to cross a line they vowed never to again...
•  Don't miss the stunning climax to MARVEL LEGACY'S #1 limited series!
Rated T+

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I really liked this issue. A very nice Archer & Armstrong story with another part of Armstrong past. And stupid villain ^^

Cover - Nice & with a smell of the story inside 2/2
Writing - Loved the real Noah & Armstrong as alway never taking responsibility & waking away because this is more easy. 3/3
Arts - It's maybe not perfect, but this is strong and funny. 2/3
Feeling - more

Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits #1

By: Fred Van Lente, Cafu
Released: Feb 7, 2018

What secrets await inside the Vault of Spirits?
Deep beneath New York City's seediest dive bar, Armstrong - the hard-hitting, harder-partying immortal veteran of history's greatest escapades - is hosting an invitation-only affair for his most beloved friends and allies! Archer... Ivar, Timewalker... Faith... Quantum and Woody... And special gue...

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SloboSOY reviewed Spider-Man #237 Feb 8, 2018

Ok a weird issue with only talking. To many talking.

Cover - Nice but a lie. 1/2
Writing - Really when I find bendis interesting he do that. And I think he laugh of trolling us. 1.5/3
Arts - The art is good. At least their is some action (Not many) with red hulk. 2.5/3
Feeling - Disappointed by all the talking, and I will even not talking of the cliffhanger. 0/2

Spider-Man #237

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Oscar Bazaldua
Released: Feb 7, 2018

•  SANDMAN doesn't trust the leader of the new Sinister Six, and he's ready to take matters into his own sands!
•  Can SPIDER-MAN contain him AND fend off IRON SPIDER, who won't ignore his vendetta against Miles and his family any longer?
Rated T

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SloboSOY reviewed Rise of the Black Panther #2 Feb 8, 2018

Ok that was nice, then I find it bowering and thank to Namor that was good again. But not as much as the first issue.
That's even weird to see Namor & Black Panther already fighting each other. When we remember Namor destroying Wakanda.

Cover - Nice cover & who give some taste of what I have read inside. 2/2
Writting - I wonder it the team have many thing to tell for keep goin more

Rise of the Black Panther #2

By: Narcisse, Paul Renaud
Released: Feb 7, 2018

•  T'Challa has finally taken up his crown! But the new king will find old wounds festering.
•  When Wakandans go missing, the Black Panther goes on the prowl - and his path
will lead far beyond the borders of his isolated country.
•  Monarch meets monarch as Namor, the King of ...

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Well that was weird. That give us pretty nothing. Another big warning on a futur the heroes will succeed to change.
The fact to send it far away in the past to put him in the tomb make it a little funny. But in the same time use a idea of the John's JSA run. For those who really don't know who is warlock that may have some interest.

Cover - Nice but not really giving something of t more

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1

By: Gerry Duggan, Mike Allred
Released: Feb 7, 2018

ADAM WARLOCK IS BACK! Reborn from the realm of the dead, Adam has come seeking the Soul Stone...and the truth about what it did to Him! His guide through this Infinity Quest is none other than...Kang the Conqueror?!? Be there as Adam begins down the dark trail sure to lead him into the heart of the mystery of the Infinity Stones...
Rated T+

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Well I find it interesting. Hard to put its in the univers of the Black Panther movie with the 616 Klaw Look.
The panther is a impressive detective & fighter. That is pleasant to have a comics reminding that.
The FF53 is interesting for having klaw origin. But issue of the 60's is really hard to read in the present. They don't make comics the same way & the bubble are very charged & in n more

Black Panther: The Sound And The Fury #1

By: Ralph Macchio, Andrea DiVito
Released: Feb 7, 2018

The fantastic technology of Wakanda comes to Dubai! But when the villainous KLAW launches a plot to extort billions from the citizens of the city, T'CHALLA's diplomatic mission becomes a search and rescue for the BLACK PANTHER! Written and illustrated by industry legends Ralph Macchio and Andrea Di Vito, THE SOUND AND THE FURY...

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SloboSOY reviewed Avengers #679 Feb 8, 2018

The Challenger ... Really !
So this issue was about who is this new character. And I didn't like it very much.
I find very easy that the black order (Corvus) decide to leave without eliminating the avengers. Like a didn't try at the start in exploding the mansion. And now they didn't deserve the try ?
The Avengers lost isn't completely lost (No surprise their). And Rogue admit that more

Avengers #679

By: Mark Waid, Aaron Kim Jacinto
Released: Feb 7, 2018

Who is the Challenger? What is at stake in his grudge match with the Grandmaster? And when the two of them clash, can the Earth survive the destruction they unleash?
Rated T+

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SloboSOY reviewed Dejah Thoris #1 Feb 8, 2018

I find it less interesting that the issue 0. I find Dejah a little too stubborn & ready to endanger now friend.
I didn't like the Student & find some not well designed. When one die I see why the artist didn't spend more effort of him.
At least Dejah is outside the palace on mars desert.

Cover - Franck Cho Variant (love it) 1/2
Writing - The start was a little slow with s more

Dejah Thoris #1

By: Amy Chu, Pasquale Qualano
Released: Feb 7, 2018

Dejah Thoris, obsessed with finding the legendary Gardens of Mars, recruits her own expedition team of scientists. But once outside the palace walls, things don't go as planned, and the Princess learns the hard way just how dangerous Barsoom really is.

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I followed Mother panic with some mixed feeling. I enjoyed the Doom Patrol/JLA. But I have to confess I wasn't in this one.
I lose tract pretty quickly & even in trying to keep up my reading I never was totally inside.
The idea of Father Bruce isn't totally stupid, but I didn't like that the event happen in the same institue than where Violet was raised & not in the Wayne Mansion. The mi more

Milk Wars: Mother Panic/Batman Special #1

By: Jody Houser, Ty Templeton
Released: Feb 7, 2018

"MILK WARS" part two! Mother Panic has discovered a Gotham City transformed. What happened to her family and friends? And who moved into Gather House, the religious school that scarred Mother Panic as a young girl? It's Father Bruce, the orphan millionaire who decided to give back to society by filling the deep demand for sidekicks. So many Robins ...

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SloboSOY reviewed Green Lanterns #40 Feb 8, 2018

I didn't go near Green Lanterns since the first issues. I find this issue well written and easy to enter for those like me who didn't follow.
I was a little surprise to see Powergirl. The first part of the story his nice & speak to me with the recent flood water of the Seine.
The second part about the meeting app speak also to me, I'm a single man & use some in the past with disappointme more

Green Lanterns #40

By: Tim Seeley, Barnaby Bagenda
Released: Feb 7, 2018

"INHUMAN TRAFFICKING" part one! An unassuming dating app turns dangerous for Earth's Green Lanterns, as heroes looking for love begin to disappear around the world. Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz discover an interplanetary superhuman trafficking network preying on super-powered seekers of love and romance, but with their hearts and heads on the line, t...

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SloboSOY reviewed Batman: White Knight #5 Feb 8, 2018

A new issue of Batman White knight ... The last comics of the thirteen I read this week (Without counting 3 tpbs).
We have some moment between Harley & Jack. Between Batman & Nightwing. Between Batman & Harley. And in the center the other harley who call herself Neo Joker. I loved the Bruce impression of he rich & scared golden boy (Even Neo joker find it weird).
This is a very great sto more

Batman: White Knight #5

By: Sean Murphy
Released: Feb 7, 2018

Jack's mind and body begin to betray him as he prepares for an inevitable showdown with Batman, and Bruce himself struggles to keep his team united. As the game gets tougher, Batman seeks counsel from a shocking source-and after Wayne Manor is infiltrated, a car chase for the ages aims to curb Napier's supercriminal crew once and for all.

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SloboSOY reviewed Quantum and Woody #2 Feb 1, 2018

I loved this story. And if juggle with past & present wasn't enough they give us the childhood of the character.
If like me you didn't like Q&W before, tries that. This is a really good story, very very fun. And if you loved them I trust this story will make you love them more.

Cover - I find a variant with gold letter. Nice one. 2/2
Writing - That is how you do a story with u more

Quantum and Woody #2

By: Daniel Kibblesmith, Kano
Released: Jan 31, 2018

The must-read superhero-action-family-drama-buddy-comedy throwdown of 2018! It's the ones you love that hurt you the most...and, in the case of super-powered adoptive brothers Eric and Woody Henderson - aka Quantum and Woody - this is defi nitely going to leave a mark! Quantum has kept the truth about Woody's biological father a secret, and now tha...

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SloboSOY reviewed Eternity #4 Feb 1, 2018

Ok that was unexpected & a little hard to follow. I have many question about what happen at the end.
For sure that wasn't what I waited for. And in a way that's very good.
I'm a little surprise that the two nation was at peace (It seems). And a little sad that we didn't see much of them.
That the alien that hook me in this book.
I understand why both divinity have such a place more

Eternity #4

By: Matt Kindt, Trevor Hairsine
Released: Jan 31, 2018

A cosmos in chaos! At the farthest edge of human understanding, Abram Adams - the lost cosmonaut called Divinity - and his comrade, Myshka, have discovered the purpose of their existence in this universe... and in the next one beyond our own. Now, as a seemingly infinite pantheon of mythic gods and cosmic beings rises to meet them head on, they'll ...

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SloboSOY reviewed Avengers #678 Feb 1, 2018

A new issue of no surrender and I think I waiting to much.
That was fine, really. But I wanted something more than that. We still don't have any idea about the power of some of the vilain. Or not all their possibility. Black Swan can thank every writer who use her because nobody know her power. So she gain now possibility & no explanation about her possiblilty too.
If we know the Grandma more

Avengers #678

By: Mark Waid, Pepe Larraz
Released: Jan 31, 2018

The Avengers are caught in a game of cosmic proportions, but they don't know the rules - and one of them is about to pay the ultimate price! THE FIRST AVENGER FALLS!
Rated T+

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Well when you think you will read a story without any surprise.
The fact that Lezard ask for help wasn't with the cliffhanger. And what they find was link to the cover, so no surprise here.
And the villain ... Well another Doctor somebody/nobody ... Weeeellll !
So a pretty good read about what it is to be a heroes. Yeah we follow enemies sometime even if it's a trap at the end becau more

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #15

By: Jody Houser, Nick Roche
Released: Jan 31, 2018

•  The Annual Parker Family Fun Day has been a super hero disaster!
•  But what the Spider-Family thought was a surprise attack on civilians by the Lizard...
• turning out to be a far more Sinister scheme than imaginable!
Rated T

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