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SloboSOY reviewed Thor #1 Jun 14, 2018

I will quote a greatest mind of the 2000 era Phoebe Buffay
"My god, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes !".
I love Del Mundo but for one will not be able to defend is art.
But the story was bad too. So it's maybe not is fault (Love his Secret War - Weirdworld, his Electra & even some of his run on Waid's avengers)

Cover - it take the variant with the thor study ... Very nice. bUT N more

Thor #1

By: Jason Aaron, Michael Del Mundo
Released: Jun 13, 2018

Thor Odinson has regained his mantle - and with it, a wild new world of trouble on his mighty hands! The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths. Like the production cost of hundreds of ...

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MKW69 - Jun 17, 2018

Dude shut UP! Her death would be so wasteful! Mjolnir is used to keep Mangog in the sun! Also Art is great! And Loki finally feeled like Loki, and not this possed and ludacris version from Avengers.

SloboSOY reviewed X-Men: Blue #29 Jun 14, 2018

So I didn't see Jean dying in the X-men blue/Venom crossover but see Cyclop mourn. So I was very surprised to see her here.
And I didn't read Venomized (That I trust in another univers than the Marvel current univers) and so was very disappointed to see Jimmy with a symbot. Some time ago with the Weapon H some friend joke about a wolverine/venom character ... Well Bunn was listening it's seem more

X-Men: Blue #29

By: Cullen Bunn, Nathan Stockman
Released: Jun 13, 2018

•  With the Original Five X-Men lost in space, a new team of mutants has emerged to face the White Queen, Havok, Miss Sinister and Bastion!
•  But while the new X-Men are away, the Marauders will play, striking viciously at Magneto.
•  Magneto is forced to make a ...

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MKW69 - Jun 17, 2018

Venomized take place in 616 universe.

SloboSOY reviewed Exiles #4 Jun 14, 2018

When you think the story can go further more quickly the writer make a lot a work to weighing the story.
So yeah that wasn't a bad story. And a story about slavery have to be explained in the good way. And with the end in the last issue we cannot see the character don't talk about that. But Why do he have to put away the talus ? Why add Falcon, A female bucky & Misty knight. Ok it's fun but t more

Exiles #4

By: Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodriguez
Released: Jun 13, 2018

When the broken Tallus sends them hurtling through time, the Exiles find themselves on the open seas! But this is no pirate's paradise. If the Exiles don't recover the Tallus and return to their mission, Earth - and the rest of reality - is lost! But they'll need help. The legendary Blackbeard - A.K.A. Ben ...

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SloboSOY reviewed Zinnober #1 Jun 14, 2018

Hard to put this kind of story after the Image Comics : The Realm. So I had to make a effort not to compare it.
The story didn't make much sens at first. Yeah She will go save a Dog and I read Weatherman after, so now I understand, but at first I find it dumb. The fact that the awful group show up outside for a woman make a little sens too. The dog bark for a time now and they could have susp more

Zinnober #1

By: Ralf Singh
Released: Jun 20, 2018

Twenty years ago dragons returned to Earth and laid waste to human civilization. In the event the surviving humans named "Zinnober," Claire, then a young girl, lost her parents to the devastating force of these primeval creatures. Today, she's hell-bent on avenging the death of her family. But will the skills she was taught by her foster-father, th...

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Ralf Singh - Jun 17, 2018

Hi SloboSOY, thank you for your honest feedback. This is the only way for me to learn what I can do better.

SloboSOY reviewed The Weatherman #1 Jun 14, 2018

Think to the variant I change my mind & try it. It was a weird story to read and I really like it ... Until the end.
Then I was "Whhhaaaaat" ... And so sad for the dog. And "Whhhaaat". And oh they push the button to far ... I'm out !
But maybe I will going back to see what next in fact ! So well done.

Cover - I really like the variant with the umbrella even if not related. 1/2 more

The Weatherman #1

By: Jody LeHeup, Nathan Fox
Released: Jun 13, 2018

Nathan Bright had it all: an awesome girlfriend, a kickass dog, and a job as the number one weatherman on terraformed Mars. But when he's accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in human history-an event that wiped out nearly the entire population of Earth-Nathan becomes the most wanted man alive and a target of a manhunt that spans the ...

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SloboSOY reviewed Stellar #1 Jun 14, 2018

The Art give me the need to try it. But I didn't like the way this comic is written.

Cover - Wel i don't see the relation. But very nice 1/2
Writing - I don't like the multiple flashback in the story, and I don't understand the end at all. 1.5/2
Arts - The art was interesting to see, but in the reading I find it too heavy. Some panel slow the story & myself instead of pushing more

Stellar #1

By: Joseph Keatinge, Bret Blevins
Released: Jun 13, 2018

Stellar was taken as a child and transformed into the ultimate weapon, one that would end an intergalactic war. She everything except finding peace. Reduced to a bounty hunter, she scours the worlds she's broken, searching for redemption. But there are other weapons loose in the galaxy, who just can't leave the war behind them. JOSEP...

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SloboSOY reviewed Nancy Drew #1 Jun 14, 2018

So I didn't expected much about it and find it pleasant. But I'm not very interested. Maybe to much character about Nancy.
And the fact that one was gay seems like a minority thing more that a real interesting thing for the character.
I have solicited the 3 first issue. So I will try it, then stop it.

Cover - I didn't take any variant ... Lotay is so the main man ! 2/2
Wr more

Nancy Drew #1

By: Kelly Thompson, Jenn St. Onge
Released: Jun 13, 2018

Nancy Drew is seventeen and good at everything...ESPECIALLY solving crimes. But her totally-in-control-and-obviously-running-perfectly-smooth-(but-not-really) life hits a snag when a mysterious message drags her back to the hometown she left behind. There she'll have to find out which of her friends are still her friends, which are enemies, and who...

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SloboSOY reviewed Wonder Woman #48 Jun 14, 2018

Surprisingly it was better than the last part & the awful annual.
I was surprised to see Kara in Jason's side. And I laugh internally after the first time he present himself as Wonder Woman Brother ... He give me the need to siding with him for been more than that. The JLA eliminated so easily was fun but make me very worried about the next issue. Because it will be the last part.


Wonder Woman #48

By: James Robinson, Jesus Merino
Released: Jun 13, 2018

"The Dark Gods" part three! Every hero on Earth has tested their mettle against the Dark Gods - except for Wonder Woman, who's not on Earth! With Diana lost in space fighting off the Gods' assault on the Star Sapphires, it's down to Jason to protect her planet and her friends... but, uh, he hasn't won a fight yet...

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SloboSOY reviewed Plastic Man #1 Jun 14, 2018

Well ... Too many part of the story was too much strange too succeed to understand it.
That was fun yes, but not very much what I expected. I have a mixed feeling about the surprising part of the story.

Cover - I take the variant. Funny but not related. 1/2
Writing - She didn't make a very good work to make a easy reading. And for a first issue I find it not that good. 2/3

Plastic Man #1

By: Gail Simone, Adriana Melo
Released: Jun 13, 2018

Meet Eel O'Brian: a petty thug, thief and con artist who runs a strip club. Hey, he's also dead, at least according to the gang that tossed him out like last week's garbage. Literally. Don't worry, though-he bounced back from all that, and now he's trying to make a new life for himself, but the effort is stretching him pretty thin. How can he get r...

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SloboSOY reviewed Man of Steel #3 Jun 14, 2018

The story make another turn & some part of the mystery about lois is revelated, not much but a good lead.
I liked to see bruce in this one & Supergirl too.
Very pleasant.

Cover - Well in a way related ... 2/2
Writing - Bendis take is time and try to set up superman in a very nice way. There is still mystery and maybe 5 issue will be to much at the end. But he did better t more

Man of Steel #3

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook
Released: Jun 13, 2018

The merciless killer and zealot calling himself Rogol Zaar has searched the cosmos for Superman-and when he reaches the Fortress of Solitude, his actions will cut Superman to the core.

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SloboSOY reviewed Flash #48 Jun 14, 2018

A very good issue. I'm all way in Wally side on this one. I want to see Max, the real Bart, Jessy, Jay Garrick & even his twin child back.
It's interesting to see Hunter without power. I have trusted he in same way regain it in the last issue, but I'm reassured.
I will not make a scene if the other wally disappear ^^

Cover - I find it in link & nice 2/2
Writing - At least more

Flash #48

By: Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter
Released: Jun 13, 2018

"FLASH WAR" part two! Barry Allen and Wally West are brought to the future to stand trial for the murder of Eobard Thawne, but a terrible truth is uncovered when they reach the court - and Wally West is confronted with something he never even realized he lost.

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SloboSOY reviewed Hawkman #1 Jun 14, 2018

If you want to know how he is back, this is not where to look at. And if you think that the Hawkman story was hard to follow before this isn't the perfect story for you either. Vendetti show well the adventurer/Archeologue even if I have trouble to see him use the wing under water. I find some of the vision very interesting. Linking him to heroes from Kypton or Rahnn. But I don't like the end of t more

Hawkman #1

By: Robert Venditti, Bryan Hitch
Released: Jun 13, 2018

Spinning out of the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Carter Hall returns to the DC Universe! An explorer of the ancient and unknown, Hawkman finds himself embroiled in a long-standing mission to discover the true purpose of his many reincarnations. Carter races around the globe trying to piece together an ancient prophecy, but will he be able to face ...

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SloboSOY reviewed Detective Comics #982 Jun 14, 2018

Her we are with a new run in Detective comics ... Will miss you Tynion IV. But if you want to know what is made of the new writer, you will have to wait another issue. So we have a transitional creative team for a one shot issue. And what a shot.
At first I was a little lost & I didn't liked what I read. But more and More Moreci succeed where Blackfire fait.
Forget the Pitch under, this more

Detective Comics #982

By: Michael Moreci, Sebastian Fiumara
Released: Jun 13, 2018

"On The Outside" part one! Duke Thomas. Cassandra Cain. They and other young heroes don't intend to stand down, no matter what Batman thinks is best. Who can Batman trust to guide them? They need a teacher...and Black Lightning fits the bill!

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SloboSOY reviewed Infinity Countdown #4 Jun 7, 2018

I was very down after this reading. It's not what I waited & I was very disappointed.
But I didn't like issue but liked the 2 & 3 issue. So I hope the last issue will be great !

Cover - I take the connected variant. And it's fine & connected ^^ 2/2
Writing - I find it weird. The only part I like was Ryder call up for a there future going right next to this instant for going sm more

Infinity Countdown #4

By: Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder
Released: Jun 6, 2018

Ultron has long wished to take over all there is and replace it with only Ultron...but now armed with an Infinity Stone, he has never been closer to his goal. With the Guardians falling apart, who can step forward to stop the singularity from overwhelming everything?
Rated T+

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SloboSOY reviewed Doctor Strange #1 Jun 7, 2018

I was ready to make a killing about this review. I rub my hands in a evil laugh ... No nothing like that, but I was so sure that I will not like Dr Strange in Space that I wasn't ready for this reading.
So the bad thing first. Ok Strange once more have no more power ... Did Waid read Aaron run ? And Bats is not in there to be seen ... Damn I love Bats.
But ! And it's a huge BUT ! The fac more

Doctor Strange #1

By: Mark Waid, Jesus Saiz
Released: Jun 6, 2018

The Eye of Agamotto is closed! Doctor Stephen Strange has lost his connection to the Earth's arcane power, and he can't wait to recover while nightmares press against the seams of our reality. Tony Stark offers a 21st-century so...

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I have side by this book in the previous review. But I cannot tell this one wasn't disappointing. Things get quickly in hand, and Speedboy doing peace like that make me facepalm. Shame because the first as some good idea.

Cover - Related & nice 2/2
Writing - There is some fun, but in the same time too many thing turn write just because the writer have to close the book. 1/3
Ar more

Fighting American: The Ties That Bind #4

By: Gordon Rennie, Andie Tong
Released: Jun 6, 2018

The critically-acclaimed series returns with a brand-new story featuring Fighting American and Speedboy!

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SloboSOY reviewed Dazzler: X-Song #1 Jun 7, 2018

I find that too long and with any taste. The only thing that can be use is seen Piotr going see her. And the real interesting thing is to see that she still have the Dazzler/Thor's Mjolnir.

Cover - Love the variant & related in a way. 1.5/2
Writing - There is some interesting part. But it's too long and not that great. 1/3
Arts - The art do the job without been very good. 1.5/ more

Dazzler: X-Song #1

By: Magdalene Visaggio, Laura Braga
Released: Jun 6, 2018

The Brooklyn punk scene has never been cooler with DAZZLER's new band taking center stage. But while she's trying to find herself and reconnect to the one thing she's always loved, Dazzler stumbles upon a truly toxic part of the underground punk scene. When a new and violent gang threatens the young Inhuman fans that follow he...

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SloboSOY reviewed Death or Glory #2 Jun 7, 2018

To dark for me ... I was out once I see the mechanical saw.

Cover - Very beautiful, but not related. 1/2
Writing - Maybe it's well contruct. Maybe not. But it's not for me for sure. 1/3
Arts - Awesome. 3/3
Feeling - Don't like it. 0/2

Death or Glory #2

By: Rick Remender, Bengal
Released: Jun 6, 2018

Hot off the heels of a heist run on her ex's criminal empire, Glory realizes just what it is she stole... and how much trouble she's in now.

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SloboSOY reviewed Red Sonja/Tarzan #2 Jun 7, 2018

I didn't like it at all ... And why taken Wells & is time-machine in this sh... !

Cover - The Davila's variant, very nice & in a way related ! 2/2
Writing - I didn't like it at all. 0/3
Arts - The art do the job but not much more. 2/3
Feeling - I din't like it at all 0/2

Red Sonja/Tarzan #2

By: Gail Simone, Walter Geovani
Released: Jun 6, 2018

The Lord of the Jungle and the She-Devil with a Sword find themselves up against an enemy who uses methods they cannot comprehend. In different times and places, our heroes must seek out the assistance they need to stop the evil Eson Duul before he destroys both of their worlds.

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SloboSOY reviewed Wonder Woman Annual #2 Jun 7, 2018

In one hand I like this story, in another I really didn't find it original.

Cover - A little related & nice. 1.5/2
Writing - I find some easy part. I didn't like the end at all. 1.5/2
Arts - Arts is nice, but I liked less the part where they use splash page as painting art ! To freeze. 2/3
Feeling - The only thing that give is the fact there is five gods to fight ! 0/2

Wonder Woman Annual #2

By: James Robinson, Marc Laming
Released: Jun 6, 2018

"Star Light"! An enormous, divine threat has the Star Sapphires in its sights - and only Wonder Woman can protect them! She's wielded their ring before, but the Corps has changed since even their combined power enough to stop a god?

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SloboSOY reviewed The Unexpected #1 Jun 7, 2018

So I try unexpected even if some tied it to the defenders (I never find a story I like for the marvel team).
And I find it original. The story of Janet is sad (With easy gaps but in the sake of the story). For now I have a hard time make my finger on Neon (What is power and make him distinct of his ally ? And is-he blind ? I like the Axe that show other realm. I didn't find her name or Ascend more

The Unexpected #1

By: Steve Orlando, Ryan Sook
Released: Jun 6, 2018

In the aftermath of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, the DC Universe has been forever changed as new heroes are called out of the shadows. Amid this all is Janet Fals...Firebrand! Once a paramedic dedicated to saving lives, she must now start a fight once every 24 hours to feed the Conflict Engine that's replaced her heart. But Janet's heart isn't just a curse-...

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SloboSOY reviewed Man of Steel #2 Jun 7, 2018

If you hoped to know what happen to lois, this his not where you will lean it. This is a five part story so Bendis keep some secret.
And I find Lord Gandelo confronting the guardian interesting. I also keep Goode in sight because some point her resemblance to Telsa.
But I wasn't very fond of this story. Between Toyman or White breakdown that make me down !

Cover - Not related more

Man of Steel #2

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Evan Shaner
Released: Jun 6, 2018

With an arsonist loose in Metropolis, Superman's powers are almost useless in finding the culprit. And back at the Daily Planet, everyone wants to know what's going on with Lois Lane. How can Clark hold on to the secret of what happened to Lois and Jon much longer?

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SloboSOY reviewed Justice League #1 Jun 7, 2018

Snyder try to give a nice first issue. But he didn't make a good job. The source is break & something emerge of it. Do the league as to stop it or to let it hit earth. Don't care about the signal but why not. All the Savage's plan & the telepathic discussion of the league was good. But then Luthor turn bloodly ... Very Bloodly. And between that & Jon's flashback (Who seem totally happening just be more

Justice League #1

By: Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung
Released: Jun 6, 2018

"THE TOTALITY" part one! A brand-new era begins here! Comics legends Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung launch the Justice League into a cosmos-shaking mystery that will draw out their most terrible ways our heroes couldn't possibly imagine! In this debut issue, Martian Manhunter struggles to protect the team from an incoming threat that will sh...

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SloboSOY reviewed Tinseltown #2 Jun 7, 2018

The starting point of this story begging very well & then all thing turn very bad. I didn't understand the western scene.

Cover - Related to the start at least. 2/2
Writing - He succeed to make me care at the start, and then I was out. I find it not easy to follow & wasn't that interested to try. 1/3
Arts - Arts isn't bad, nor very great. But I didn't like the old color effect more

Tinseltown #2

By: David Lucarelli, Henry Ponciano
Released: Jun 6, 2018

Abigail's first day proves to be a matter of life and death as she finds out that a movie studio after dark can be filled with real danger! Tinseltown is perfect for fans of crime noir stories filled with action and mystery!

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SloboSOY reviewed Zero Jumper #2 Jun 7, 2018

The issue 2 have good stuff in it. But I didn't like the ending. I would rather see Elara in the same team than Juno. Maybe she will turn to help in issue 3/4. I like the way Juno move.

Cover - Related & nice 2/2
Writing - I find it more clear than the first. So it's a win. 3/3
Arts - Like the art, even if the future society isn't very original. 2.5/3
Feeling - It's not b more

Zero Jumper #2

By: Patrick Mulholland
Released: Jun 6, 2018

Juno's quest for the crystal leads her to an abandoned city, but she is not alone. Word has traveled fast and others are tracking her down in an attempt to end her mission - and her life.

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SloboSOY reviewed You Are Deadpool #5 May 31, 2018

I didn't like this ending. this was too weird. Shame because I liked since then. I expected a 90's parody.

Cover - Love the variant, related. 2/2
Writing - The problem with this kind of stuff & deadpool, his to make a good ending. Leaving with the false ending was better that going through it. 1.5/3
Arts - Still a very nice job on this part. 3/3
Feeling - I didn't have re more

You Are Deadpool #5

By: Al Ewing, Salva Espin
Released: May 30, 2018

DID YOU EVER WANT TO BE DEADPOOL??? Now's your chance! This weekly series is not JUST the most amazing comic book you've ever's also a role-playing adventure! YOU decide what choices Deadpool makes! YOU keep track of your scores issue by issue! YOU roll dice to combat various foes! Travel through Marvel history as Deadpool to meet Hulk in...

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SloboSOY reviewed X-Men: Blue #28 May 31, 2018

I really enjoyed reading it. But I find it quite too quick. It let some unattended question (Like where did Magneto was going, or Why Emma betray her team in that moment).

Cover - Not related but good. 1/2
Writing - I find that disappointing in a way. 2/3
Arts - Love it. 3/3
Feeling - So Alex is himself once more. 2/2

X-Men: Blue #28

By: Cullen Bunn, Marcus To
Released: May 30, 2018

• The conclusion of the Mothervine story! The ultimate fate of the White Queen and Havok revealed!
•  Magneto reveals a secret plan - and secret allies - to counter the chaos caused by Mothervine!
•  But some of the new X-Men will not make it out of this adventure alive!
Rated T+

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SloboSOY reviewed Ms. Marvel #30 May 31, 2018

Oh no ! Not Doc.X again. I left Kamala because of him. There last encounter was the worst arc I read.
So I'm not fond of the idea ... But I forced myself in (hey I know, gross) and in the middle that turn in something quite enjoyable.
Once Moore Zoé is one of my favorite Character. And I laughed when kamala fall of Doc.X showing the real treat to the crowd.
The end was beautiful. < more

Ms. Marvel #30

By: G. Willow Wilson, Nico Leon
Released: May 30, 2018

•  KAMALA KHAN's feeling the pressure...but how can she choose between BRUNO and the RED DAGGER?
•  And will her double life as MS. MARVEL bring them together...or tear them apart forever?
•  MS. MARVEL doesn't know which way to turn...but she'll need to move quickly to save her friends!
Rated T+

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For those who like Carol maybe that was great. For me that give me nothing. They couldn't even find a way to make a deal with DC for have billy in this. And that didn't achieve anything for Infinity countdown.

Cover - The variant - Not very nice, not really related. I would have taken the regular. 0.5/2
Writing - Not bad at first ... But I didn't care. Maybe if Genis Vell would hav more

Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1

By: Jim McCann, Diego Olortegui
Released: May 30, 2018

Carol Danvers has crossed the borders of reality itself and returned in possession of the Reality Stone...and with it has contacted the Marvels of many worlds! Join the Captains Marvel for a cross-time adventure into the nature of the Infinity Stones!
Rated T+

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Well I'm disappointed ... Just a transitional issue. Nice but not great. And houser kinda save another hero from the original Secret War related story.

Cover - Nice & in a way related 2/2
Writing - That wasn't bad. Their is even a great moment between Peter & MJ. Love this two together. But that wasn't good. 1.5/2
Arts - The art didn't help. Not bad not good there too. 2/3

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #19

By: Jody Houser, Scott Koblish
Released: May 30, 2018

401k? Insurance? Vacation Days? When you're a superhero, benefits aren't usually part of the care package. But Peter and Mary Jane Parker have been saving up for a "just the two of us" vacation since Annie was born, and they aren't going to let trouble - no matter how catastrophic - get in their way! Now all t...

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