Batman's Grave #2

Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Bryan Hitch Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: November 13, 2019 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 16 User Reviews: 24
7.6Critic Rating
7.2User Rating

A man was murdered, and the Batman is in his head-and he knows how it happened. All he has to do now is survive his own deduction. Don't miss the second chapter of this new thriller from writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch!

  • 9.5
    AIPT - Vishal Gullapalli Nov 13, 2019

    The Batman's Grave has the potential to grow into a more intense narrative, but for now its more subdued style is quite refreshing. Read Full Review

  • 9.4
    Comic Watch - Cody White Nov 14, 2019

    The Batman's Grave #2 (Ellis, Hitch, Sinclair, Starkings) carefully navigates the balance between image and text as a complex conspiracy seems to be slowly forming. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    You Don't Read Comics - Rick Lopez Nov 17, 2019

    Albeit small druthers amidst aspects of the artwork, the mini-series is by far the most exciting Batman title on the scene. With a legend such as Warren Ellis behind the scenes, this mini-series is sure to be absolutely unforgettable. This fast-paced chapter is a breeze to read and definitely not one not to miss. Still, only two issues in the series present a perfect opportunity for fans looking to pick up a new title from well-respected creators to be able to jump on without the baggage of continuity. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comics: The Gathering - Wes Greer Nov 13, 2019

    Overall, I would have to put this series in my top 5 Batman series of all time and this issue is just another amazing addition to the first one. It’s been awhile since I’ve really gotten excited for a darker Batman story that exists outside the DC Black Label publications. If you have not picked up this series yet, I highly suggest you pick up the first issue as well as this one. This series has really blown all my expectations and I am excited to see what is to come. The Batman’s Grave #2 is available now so run to your local comic shop or buy it from your favorite online retailer. Make sure to let me know what your thoughts on this series are by commenting down below and let me know what you liked or didn’t like about this issue. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Forces Of Geek - Atlee Greene Nov 18, 2019

    However, that won't stop Alfred from trying. This is not exactly new ground being covered. Eillis composes this narrative in a way that is earnest, heartfelt, and a little bit eerie. The idea of Batman's demise amid street-level detective work grounds the character while reiterating what makes him unique. It's good to see Batman working the case again. Ellis's fluid script and Hitch's brings about a tale that is more profound than the litany of Batman books on the shelves today. Read Full Review

  • 8.2
    The Super Powered Fancast - Deron Generally Nov 13, 2019

    Bryan Hitch's art is fantastic. The first few pages involve a fight sequence that is both beautifully drawn and masterfully paced. I love how this issue was laid out visually and Hitch doesn't waste any of the space with visuals that don't enhance the story. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    On Comics Ground - Travis Tucker Nov 14, 2019

    This series is gearing to be very cerebral. I have a soft spot for thought provocation. Ellis is pulling no punches and I am here for this run. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Dark Knight News - Max Byrne Nov 13, 2019

    This is an issue that gives the reader their fix of action in its first half, and then a more measured, cerebral approach in its second half. The creative team of Ellis and Hitch have hit the ground running and have created a title that promises much. With mysteries yet to come and more of an explanation in the pipeline for the graveside scenes in Issue 1, this run should send the reader on a journey that involves many twists and turns. Read Full Review

  • 7.8
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - David DeCorte Nov 13, 2019

    BATMAN'S GRAVE #2 takes the elements that worked in the first issue and improves on most of them. While I still had some gripes with certain facets of the book, it's definitely a solid read. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Batman-News - Joshua McDonald Nov 13, 2019

    While Ellis may have pulled his punches a little for this issue as far as the script is concerned, Bryan Hitch does quite the opposite. With the first half of the book featuring a mostly silent fight, and the second half focusing strictly on setting up new plot points, I suspect some readers may feel let down by this issue. I also suspect that expectations may get the best of some readers, so I'd like to remind everyone that this is only the second chapter of a twelve-issue story, and the technicality and quality of this book is top-notch! Just stick with it! Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Newsarama - David Pepose Nov 14, 2019

    Not a bad book by any means, but there's definitely some fat that could have been trimmed here. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Nov 14, 2019

    I like the ideas at play in this series so far, but the execution is highly irregular and it's not coming together as a cohesive story yet. It's a stunning showcase for Hitch's art, but I'm not sure what else it is yet. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    But Why Tho? - Lizzy Garcia Nov 13, 2019

    The Batman's Grave #2is not a bad comic but compared to its previous issue, it falls short. That being said, I look forward to the remainder of the series and seeing how much of both Bruce and Alfred's psyche Ellis is able to explore. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Word Of The Nerd - Jordan Claes Nov 13, 2019

    If this is what readers can expect for the duration of The Batman's Grave, all I can say is that it's going to be one long, boring funeral procession. Read Full Review

  • 6.0 - Evan Valentine Nov 13, 2019

    While not managing to hold the momentum of the first issue, it's still worth a look (though maybe you should wait for the collection). Read Full Review

  • 5.2
    Weird Science - Branden Murray Nov 13, 2019

    As a whole, Batman's Grave Chapter Two lacks any sort of hook or intrigue to really grab a reader's attention. There are the beginnings of a deeper mystery at play here, but this issue moved by so fast, with large sections of its text free, it never provides any further insight into anything I found too interesting.  Right now we have a bunch of names that don't mean much, Alfred drinking himself in an early grave, and Batman exchanging blows with random murderers, but why?   Hitch on art is a blast to look at, and if that is why you're here, you may find the book worth a look, otherwise save a few bucks Christmas is coming. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Amazing Psycamorean Nov 14, 2019

    Yes, it was a giant action scene, but those are hard to make good.

  • 9.0
    Spacey Medicine Nov 16, 2019

    I am living for Alfred’s relentless sass. And also the name Eduardo Flamingo.

  • 9.0
    Batman Jones Nov 13, 2019

    I'd love to see this team on a regular Bat-book.

  • 7.5
    mrDovydas Nov 17, 2019

    One huge and very greatly portrayed action scene. Very decompressed, but I've actually enjoyed it. Will work a lot better in a collected edition.

  • 7.5
    ohhaimark Nov 16, 2019


    -This wasn't as amazing as the first issue, but I still like it.

    -The art is still incredibly impressive and the show-stealer here. That action scene was good only because Hitch is so mind-blowingly good at drawing action.

    -This Alfred take is different, sure, but I kind of like it.

    -The investigation is still my favorite part of the story.

    -Ohhhhhh, that was Eduardo Flamingo. That's pretty cool.

    -That Bat-signal panel was so f*cking cool.

    THE BAD:

    -The issue could have been way shorter. I mean the chase scene was cool. But did it need to take up half the issue?

    -Wow, that ending was abrupt.

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  • 7.0
    I Review Comics Sep 20, 2020

    I don't remember much about The Batman's Grave #1 aside from it being weird. There was a cool scene of Alfred chastising Bruce for not taking a more productive approach to crimefighting but aside from that, the issue was pretty meh. I wanted to like the comic considering the amazing creative team of Ellis and Hitch but just couldn't connect to the material.

    This issue has no recap. It's been a while since I read The Batman's Grave #1 and while the action is great the opening sequence comes out of nowhere. If this issue was being read as trade this wouldn't be a problem but in monthly installments, the first half of this comic may be jarring and potentially inaccessible to new readers. Every comic is somebody's first.

  • 7.0
    Gizmo Mar 13, 2020

    Most of the issue as an action scene, which is fine, I like the pacing.

  • 7.0

    Not bad but a bit rushed. The action is kind of laughable after reading Warren Ellis' The WildStorm.

  • 5.5
    KittyNone Nov 13, 2019

    Scarcely a comic, though it looks beautiful and Ellis writes a delightful Alfred. But it's over before it starts, barely making it through a well-choreographed but unremarkable fight scene, an explanation of who Batman was hitting, and a scene with Alfred which ends arbitrarily midway through as though the comic just ran out of pages.

    This is the sort of super-decompressed stuff Ellis used to do when he was "writing for the trade", back when it was assumed that singles were a historical artifact which just hadn't died yet and what mattered was how it would look as a trade.

    And as a trade it probly WILL be great, but as a single issue it's a waste of $3.99. Skip this one and come back next month; you didn't miss much.

  • 5.0
    Tinman Nov 27, 2019

    Plenty of action, not enough plot to move the story forward.

  • 10
    Steve R Apr 3, 2021

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    Rinaldi Jun 21, 2020

  • 8.0
    Dorival Nov 20, 2019

  • 7.5
    Eduardo Lopex Jul 1, 2022

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    tonpas1989 Nov 22, 2019

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  • 7.0
    Adsun22 Sep 30, 2022

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    Swift Planet Jan 15, 2021

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    Críticas Crónicas Dec 15, 2020

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    drwasheewashee Dec 15, 2019

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    batman_forever Nov 27, 2019

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    Watchtower022 Nov 15, 2019

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    Silver Rocket Dec 2, 2019

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    KnM Sep 11, 2022

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