Justice League #9

Writer: Scott Snyder Artist: Jorge Jimenez Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: October 3, 2018 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 28 User Reviews: 47
8.3Critic Rating
8.1User Rating

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THE ROAD TO "DROWNED EARTH"! Superman and Batman can't agree on how to put back the moon-you know, the one that went missing in issue #1. On the other hand, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have faith in each other, working together on a new addition to the Hall of Justice. Martian Manhunter takes Hawkgirl under his wing to test out the limits of her recently broken wing, and Flash and Green Lantern get up to some hijinks in the Hall's cafeteria. Can you say super food fight?!

  • 10
    Comic Book Bin - Deejay Dayton Oct 6, 2018

    In a way, this issue is a pause in the larger storyline. But that is hardly a negative. The latest issue is just as much fun, and just as much of an exploration of the League, as the most action packed tale could be. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comic Crusaders - Shawn Warner Oct 9, 2018

    If you haven't been reading Scott Snyder's run on Justice League I can only ask, what are you waiting for? this is what super hero comic books are meant to be, exciting, intelligent and fun. The dialogue is sharp, the pace is lively and the visuals are gorgeous. This is a perfect spot for new readers to jump on before Snyder and company hit the accelerator again, then who knows when the ride will slow down for noobs to get on. 5/5 Read Full Review

  • 10
    Black Nerd Problems - Morgan Hampton Oct 3, 2018

    Justice League #9 shows us a day in the life of the team when the world isn't in immediate danger. Some powerful and relatable themes are explored in a way that really brings these gods and aliens down to Earth. To say this was one of my favorite comics to come out this year would be an understatement. Read Full Review

  • 10
    DC Comics News - Derek McNeil Oct 3, 2018

    Snyder's take on the League has been a high-octane action-packed ride so far, and a true return to form for the League. But it's with this issue that the optimism at the core of the League has truly started to shine through again. This is a welcome respite after the bitter events in Heroes In Crisis. Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary - Anj Oct 8, 2018

    This was just the pause I needed. There was so much action in the opening arc that I felt owed some characterization. It isn't that we didn't get a feel for our Leaguers in the earlier issues. But so much happened, it were fleeting moments. Now we get a whole issue devoted to meeting or re-meeting our team. This book continues to shine. Buy this book and give it to people. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    AIPT - David Brooke Oct 3, 2018

    This issue drives home very strong points about the team and how different philosophical approaches help build a better one. Snyder has said he'll continue this series well into 50 issues, which is a good thing for all comic book readers. Read Full Review

  • 9.3
    Comicsverse - Raphael Soohoo Oct 4, 2018

    Snyder and Jimenez deliver an excellently written, well-drawn interlude for the Justice League. We see some of the concerns the League has facing their biggest battle, and look into their hearts. Superman also does something only he can do: fix the moon. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Oct 3, 2018

    The only thing that felt off this issue was ironically Snyder's handling of Batman in his subplot with Superman. It seemed out of character for Batman to summon a dangerous threat to prove a point to Superman. Beyond that, this issue was definitely needed to allow Snyder time to flesh out the team without distraction. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    All-Comic - Joshua Hilgenberg Oct 4, 2018

    Justice League #9 continues to show the best a superhero comic can be. When it comes to story, Snyder takes the most indulgent parts of caped crusader books and combines it with touching character work. Jimenez' unique figures are stylized, yet respectful of their muscle-bound origins. With Sanchez and Napolitano rounding out the team, it's difficult not to love this book. Every inch of Justice League #9 is like rediscovering one of your childhood bedtime stories, only to find that it's better than you could have ever remembered it. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Oct 3, 2018

    It's a bridge issue before The Drowned Earth begins later this month, and Justice League #8 does a good job of showing off both the strengths and weaknesses of this run. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Batman-News - Brian Warshaw Oct 3, 2018

    Justice League #9 is a fantastic pause before the train begins rolling again in the next issue. The big story will chug on, but for now, it's a pleasure seeing our heroes"all beautifully rendered"enjoying lower stress (well, some of them anyway) and more contemplative conversations. If you haven't read it yet, go grab a copy and set about enjoying it. Read Full Review

  • 8.3
    Geeked Out Nation - Jideobi Odunze Oct 3, 2018

    Justice League #9 was another subtle issue that I enjoyed purely for the brilliant character exploration that this cast of heroes went through. These moments matter just as much as the punching and kicking. Who are these heroes when they aren't springing into action? Even a book like Justice League deserves a quality answer to that question. Read Full Review

  • 8.2
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - Matthew Sardo Oct 3, 2018

    Overall, Justice League #9 is a mellow issue with a fantastic message. The sophisticated levels Synder reaches is impressive as the casual reader can enjoy the book and the Justice League nerd can grab a glass of Scotch and appreciate the detail and story of each panel. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Sequential Planet - Matt Herman Oct 6, 2018

    Justice League #9 is a tour through the Hall of Justice, full of new locations, familiar faces, and plenty of Easter eggs. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    ComicBook.com - Chase Magnett Oct 3, 2018

    The real joy comes from the careful attention to detail with small elements of Superman's office and other places revealing a well-considered appreciation for each of these heroes and what they mean. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Fortress of Solitude - George Chrysostomou Oct 9, 2018

    A fun and interesting read by all accounts, this is a strong addition to the line. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Dark Knight News - Steve J Ray Oct 4, 2018

    This has been sub-editor-bot @el_steevo trying to fill some big shoes. Normal service will be resumed in two short weeks; same Dark Knight time, same Dark Knight News channel. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comicosity - Terrence Sage Oct 3, 2018

    This far into the run on Justice League, Snyder and his art team have steered a tightly wound ship that knows how to de-escalate the moments in between major story arcs to round out the overall story of The Totality and the ongoing battle between Justice vs. Doom. Even when most of the issue is composed of exotic locations and characters conversing, Jimenez and Sanchez make their respective fields look wonderful doing it. Even when the story is going through its downtime moment, Justice League maintains interest in the ongoing story while stopping to give the characters a chance to focus on the smaller things, fix damaged relationships, and get reminded that their bonds aren't the weakness, but their strength. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    On Comics Ground - Timothy Quail Oct 4, 2018

    Your mileage may vary with this title. If you want more characterization this issue will not disappoint. If you are looking forward to the next arc, and finding out more of the mysteries presented in the series, then this issue might not be for you. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comics: The Gathering - Batmanaruto Oct 3, 2018

    The most interesting discussion is the one between Batman and Superman. Superman is up in space trying to fix the moon that the Justice League broke a few issues back. Syder uses the moon as a metaphor of the Justice League. Batman wants the Justice League to change and improve and make themselves darker, and he also wants Superman to allow him to improve the moon and turn it into a death star basically. Superman reminds him in both cases that they shouldn’t change the core of who they are even if the world is changing around them. This shows that Snyder understands truly what the league are meant to represent as beacons of hope. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    GWW - Deron Generally Oct 3, 2018

    Jimenez has some truly beautiful art in this issue. There are so many shots that are breathtaking to look at in both the way the characters are drawn and the truly impressive backgrounds and renderings of the team's quarters. Read Full Review

  • 7.9
    Word Of The Nerd - Brent Jackson Oct 3, 2018

    Justice League #9 is not the greatest issue ever, but there is a lot to like in it as well. I love the idea of Superman rebuilding the moon. It feels very “golden age” era thing to happen. Scott Snyderbrings up a lot of interestingthings throughout the issue and the scenes describing the characters and how they live and why are excellent. The art is good, Jimenez and Sanchez make a good team and they have some fun sequences in Justice League #9. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Comic Book Revolution - Rokk Oct 4, 2018

    On the other hand, readers who like action? You might want to pass on this issue. In addition, readers who prefer lots of plot progression might want to pass on Justice League #9, too. The fact is that the reader can easily skip Justice League #9 and pick up Justice League #10 and absolutely not miss anything at all. Seriously. This issue is that skippable. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Multiversity Comics - Ken Godberson III Oct 8, 2018

    In the end, "Justice League #9" serves its purpose well, providing a more down to earth (for this series) story with some nice character beats. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Weird Science - Jim Werner Oct 3, 2018

    A nice character issue that seems to be waiting for the Drowned event coming up.  I liked the character interactions and the art was fantastic, but I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed after the big Legion of Doom issue we just got.  Disappointed, but not overly let down and still onboard going forward. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Comic Book Corps - Mike Bedard Oct 3, 2018

    I was surprised the story didn't delve into what the hell was going on in the world when the moon was destroyed. At the very least, one would assume it would disrupt tidal patterns. That is until I noticed the title of the next issue is "The World Drowns." This issue may have been slow, but hopefully it's setting up more intriguing developments to come. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    The Batman Universe - Corbin Pool Oct 5, 2018

    This was a fun, one-off story that had great characterization (with the exception of Batman) and great art. It made me like this group of characters more. They feel like a real group of people working together. Read Full Review

  • 6.4
    Comic Watch - Robert Struble Oct 10, 2018

    Its a fun look at the League and how theyre dealing with the fallout of the Legion of Dooms attack and attempted theft of the Totality. Its an enjoyable issue but unfortunately, its probably a fairly forgettable one. Read Full Review

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