Justice League #7

Writer: Scott Snyder Artist: Mark Morales, Jim Cheung Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: September 5, 2018 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 24 User Reviews: 48
8.4Critic Rating
7.8User Rating

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It's wall-to-Source-Wall Justice League action as artist Jim Cheung rejoins writer Scott Snyder! Hawkgirl takes wing against Legion of Doom leader Lex Luthor; John Stewart faces off with old foe Sinestro; the Flash must run down the Still Force-empowered Gorilla Grodd; and Wonder Woman tackles the tag team of Black Manta and Cheetah-underwater, no less!

  • 10
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Sep 5, 2018

    Just in case you thought the fun was over, Snyder adds two epilogues that promise to prove some major thrills including two big reveals. Justice League is comic books done right. If you love the medium, there's absolutely no reason to miss an issue. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Comic Book Bin - Deejay Dayton Sep 8, 2018

    But that is far outweighed by all the good things in this issue, in this storyline. And the excitement I feel about upcoming issues, and the explanation of who their mysterious visitor will turn out to be. Read Full Review

  • 9.4
    Major Spoilers - Ingrid Lind-Jahn Sep 7, 2018

    Overall, I think this is a solid arc. The conclusion in Justice League #7 is satisfying. Read Full Review

  • 9.2
    Comic Watch - Robert Struble Sep 15, 2018

    The Totality arc ends in as epic a fashion as it started and Snyder and company leave me wanting more. Its epic and weve only just scratched the surface. This issue leaves me eagerly waiting to find out whats next. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Multiversity Comics - Gustavo S Lodi Sep 6, 2018

    Nothing short of electric, "Justice League" #7 is cover-to-cover excitement, wrapped on some of the best art available today. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comicosity - Terrence Sage Sep 5, 2018

    The Justice League is in very good hands with this creative team on board. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Bleeding Cool - Joshua Davison Sep 4, 2018

    Justice League #7 is another absolute blast of an issue from this impressive run on the title. Snyder is pulling out all the stops, and the book is consistently staffed with talented artists to boot. This is easily among DCs best titles of the moment, and this issue earns a strong recommendation. Give it a read tomorrow. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    GWW - Deron Generally Sep 4, 2018

    Cheung sets up the perfect balance with the art in this issue. It can shift from subtle, character moments to bombastic action and there are moments of great tension brought to the page through Cheung's use of details in both the foreground and background action. There is a great use of color and composition as well in this issue and everything works to complement both the art and the story. I really want to see where this story goes, especially with who Luthor is teaming up with next. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Dark Knight News - Kevin Gunn Sep 9, 2018

    I miss Jimenez's art on this issue, but Cheung is alright too. Snyder arc on the Totality is FINALLY coming to a close, but with the arrival of special guests arriving, it's apparent that the League is still going have to tend with the Legion of Doom and their aspirations. Still, Snyder gives us a fitting end to this arc. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comic Book Corps - Mike Bedard Sep 5, 2018

    The Justice League has to confront the fact they are not merely working against Luthor and the Legion of Doom. They may very well be working against the nature of the universe. It's a high-concept idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing whether the team here can follow through. Read Full Review

  • 8.6
    The Brazen Bull - Charlie Chipman Sep 5, 2018

    Justice League (2018-) continues to excite and entertain in this its seventh issue; Snyder does a fine job in keeping all of this story's parts moving while artist Jim Cheung produces some amazing artwork. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    AIPT - David Brooke Sep 5, 2018

    A strong finish that gets you excited for more. I haven't had this much excitement and hope for the Justice League in a very long time. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Black Nerd Problems - Morgan Hampton Sep 5, 2018

    Though it left some things to be desired, the finale of Justice League's first arc undoubtedly planted seeds that will blossom into the most viciousvenus fly trap of misfortune. And they ain't ready. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Sep 5, 2018

    Scott Snyder's first arc on Justice League has been everything I'd want from a big-scale conventional Justice League title " strong team dynamic, a combination of A-listers and more obscure characters, and an over-the-top explosive threat that delivers thrills and great visuals. Read Full Review

  • 8.4
    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary - Anj Sep 12, 2018

    I suppose at some point, I'll break out the whole arc and read in one big gulp. Maybe I'll grasp more or be even more confused.. But for now, color me satisfied. These are the size and weight of stories that should force the League to work together - massive, universe threatening, primordial force stuff that requires this team. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Kabooooom - Matt Morrison Sep 5, 2018

    All in all, Justice League continues to be one of DC Comics' best titles, despite some minor kerfuffles in the artwork. This is superhero comics done right. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Sequential Planet - Callum Riley Sep 6, 2018

    Held back a little by the too convenient ending, Snyder's Justice League is still off to a brilliant start and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for the series. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    ComicBook.com - Chase Magnett Sep 5, 2018

    In the midst of so many heroes and villains, such an enormous scope, and an incredible array of new ideas, Justice League finds its center and brings its titanic opening story to an impressive close. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    DC Comics News - Derek McNeil Sep 5, 2018

    With Metal and No Justice, Snyder has created a number of threads through the entire DCU, and it seems that the threads are converging in Justice League. By telling a story on such a large-scale, Snyder takes a large risk of the whole story falling flat, but so far his risk is paying off. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Batman-News - Brian Warshaw Sep 5, 2018

    Scott Snyder's assumption of theJustice League writer's chair came with much pomp"pomp which has since proven entirely warranted. He and his team of artists have taken DC's flagship title and woken it from a nearly two-year slumber. In this, the final installment of his first arc, Snyder gives us a satisfying conclusion to a complex tale, while Cheung, Mark Morales, Walden Wong, and Morey dole out the superhero bombast as good as anyone in the business. Cap it off with Tom Napolitano's impeccable lettering, and you can't go wrong. DC finally has a worthy successor to the Geoff Johns run on its hands, and I couldn't be happier. Read Full Review

  • 7.8
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - Dispatchdcu Sep 5, 2018

    Justice League #7 will knock your socks off as Scott Snyder concludes his first arc on the series Read Full Review

  • 7.2
    Fortress of Solitude - George Chrysostomou Sep 6, 2018

    Landing safely, this issue manages to wrangle in some of the complicated story elements bringing it back to basics, with strong character work and intriguing, potentially hugely consequential premises. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Weird Science - Eric Shea Sep 5, 2018

    While you continue to get some awesome over the top super heroics in this issue, the answers to all our questions continue to stay out of sight, while also introducing some new questions to the pile.  Thankfully, some awesome art and some epic situations calm most of my frustrations down and keep me on board this Justice League trolley.  Things will need to become a bit more transparent as the series continues though because being dark and mysterious will only take you so far. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    The Batman Universe - Corbin Pool Sep 7, 2018

    This was an exciting end to a story arc while continuing to set some very interesting things for the future. I just wish that this would have been about two issues shorter and the dialogue didn't hurt so much. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Nihilist Sep 5, 2018

    nd here we are at the end of the first arc. It was a good run so far - one that started something big, and we're going to need a lot of time to process it all. Complexity is both a strength and weakness of Justice League comics now, since while you can't deny the ambition and size of its story, all 7 issues felt a bit disjointed at times, due to action constantly jumping from one character to another. From what I've heard during Comicstorian's interview with Scott Snyder, next arcs are going to be focused around just few heroes, instead of the full team, which I look forward to.
    #7 is a solid read, and one that most definitely will be mandatory to understand what's to come. Fans of Snyder's JL won' be disappointed.

  • 6.5
    egon244 Sep 7, 2018

    The Totality reaches its conclusion and... it's fine.

    There is action, great visuals (Jim Cheung and the rest did a wonderful job) and Martian Manhunter's awesome monologue.

    As for the rest. The story itself and its conclusion are a bit underwhelming. The Dialogue problem is still here. Some characters speak things that just completely don't fit them. Some spotlight is given to the Hawkgirl and we get a glimpse on, possibly, some new Leaguers.

    The issue, however, provides some surprises at the end. But not in a "WOW, I can't believe it" way, more in a "Huh, interesting, I wonder where this will go next". So, yeah, I'm curious to see what Scott Snyder will come up with next. I just hope it will appeal to me more

  • 2.0
    daddyT Sep 7, 2018

    from a 6 base rating this gets a 2.
    -1 because: the art was distractingly bad.
    -1 because the dialog was just bad.
    -2 because: an ugh storyline.

    I actually think I like Scott Snyder less than Tom King these days. How's THAT for bad?

  • 7.5
    Jorge Mendes Sep 5, 2018

    Fun but kind of a mess.

  • 6.0
    Old All-Star Sep 10, 2018

    Scott Snyder's first Justice League arc mercifully comes to an end (sort of--this issue's final pages suggest that parts of "The Totality" storyline will continue). What a mess! Even an epic story that's cosmic in scope should make sense.

    This issue has plenty of action, but the story is again hard to follow. There are lofty concepts that seem half-baked, and there are far too many characters. Not helping matters is distractingly dorky dialogue.

    The strengths of this first arc have been the fun nostalgia (Hall of Justice, Legion of Doom, etc.) and the variant covers featuring individual Justice Leaguers. And the prominent role given to Martian Manhunter is an interesting and promising choice. But there is much room for more

  • 10
    Samuel Almeida Sep 5, 2018

    Oh MANNN! I was at the edge of the seat the whole time while reading this!So much fun! Ive said that before and ill say it again. Snyder really knows how to write teams! And hes the best for bringing back so many characters since the Dark Knights: Metal Saga! Of course the art is amazing! And im really looking foward for the next arc! Oh and watch out for the last 4 pages. They will leave you breathless! (as will the whole issue).

  • 9.0
    SONOFBATMANN Sep 5, 2018

    This issue was fantastic. Snyder's run has hit every mark for me and I can't praise it enough. Snyder has poured his passion for the DC mythos into this series, and it only makes it better. Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez have done wonderful work on this series, working very well with Snyder's script.

  • 9.0
    GTMedia Reviews Jan 26, 2019

    If Justice League #7 could be described in one word it would be "Big". The comic is a climax to the first arc but also an ongoing theater in a developing war. This is what I imagine a Justice League Story is supposed to feel like. The heroes win and the villains are forced to regroup. 

    There are plenty of "Oh Sh!t" moments but the standout is an encounter between Lex Luthor and Hawkgirl. I'm not as familiar with her as I probably should be but she puts on an excellent showing. I also always love to see Lex battle anyone besides Superman. What this does is continue to scale the League with the Legion so that the impression is that neither side has a huge advantage in this war. 

    There are also quieter character int more

  • 8.5
    mrDovydas Sep 8, 2018

    A very good ending to the first arc, which started out incredibly well and slowed down a bit towards the end. Nonetheless, the ending left me really excited about what's to come.

  • 8.0
    ohhaimark Sep 8, 2018


    -The art is excellent in this issue. I honestly will keep saying this, but Justice League always has the perfect creative teams for al their issues. Whether its Snyder and Jimenez or Snyder and Cheung or Tynion and Mahnke, Justice League for the past 7 issues has had the best writer-artist collaborations out of any current comic book series out there. And Cheung's art is no exception.

    -This series has truly captured the epic feeling that the previous Justice League series (and the movie) lacked. The tension in these pages is built up phenomenally by Snyder and Cheung both.

    -The narration in this issue is extra good. That is always the highlight of all the previous issues, but here I could truly fe more

  • 7.5
    bucswin611 Sep 6, 2018

    Snyder is wholly competent at writing a cohesive, yet epic, narrative. Cheung is making a case for top-shelf art rotations in DC! But holy exposition, Batman...

  • 7.5
    Caped-Comic-Reviews Sep 12, 2018

    I liked the conclusion the first storyline, but it wasn’t my favourite issue of the series. This does set up some things for future stories at least. The artwork was very good but not as good as the previous artist.

  • 6.0
    Jon Comics Oct 7, 2018

    This series is so convoluted as to be incomprehensible. Snyder is a great writer but he is letting concept get in the way of character or coherent storytelling.
    Yes, having the Legion of Doom has been cool, but does it serve any storytelling purpose other than have them there? Only Luthor has played an important role as villains and the other characters feel useless or idiotic.
    The overcrowding and emphasis on Luthor takes time away from actually focusing ob the Justice League and at this point we could say that Luthor has been the star of these first issues.

  • 5.0
    Spacey Medicine Mar 5, 2019

    This had one good moment that amused me and made me want to hope for this title and this team.

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    ZodTee Sep 18, 2018

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    Breno Mailon Nov 23, 2018

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    Bruno Mael Jul 25, 2019

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    aleyuma Sep 8, 2019

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    Alexander_Tsitokhtseff Oct 21, 2019

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    Humble Hero Dec 10, 2019

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    sebastianorellana95 Sep 5, 2018

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    The 20-issue Ceiling Sep 7, 2018

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    Jason The Dude Sep 8, 2018

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    Gabriel Valões Sep 25, 2018

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    Snapfire Nov 4, 2018

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    Nickweiser Sep 6, 2018

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    Watchtower022 Sep 10, 2018

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    letskillrobots Nov 23, 2018

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    TheFallenKing13 Sep 5, 2018

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    ActionCity Sep 5, 2018

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    Dorival Sep 5, 2018

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    Grifter Sep 6, 2018

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    EDiakota Sep 7, 2018

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    JustCrazy Sep 8, 2018

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    Payne Sep 15, 2018

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    StanielK Oct 11, 2018

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    DoctorLaze Nov 23, 2018

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    EvilPenguin543 Nov 23, 2018

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    Sigmund Floppychest Sep 5, 2018

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    Adsun22 Nov 16, 2019

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    ComickerPerson Sep 5, 2018

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    Tizze Sep 5, 2018

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    JBL Reviews Sep 8, 2018

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    Nicetrylaoche Sep 7, 2018

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    Herushalaim Sep 5, 2018

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    EdNothIng Jun 17, 2019

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    YourGreenMuse Jul 20, 2019

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    Bloodraven Sep 7, 2018

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