Batman #101

Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Guillem March Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: October 21, 2020 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 22 User Reviews: 42
7.7Critic Rating
6.9User Rating

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A new day dawns in Gotham and the horrors of “The Joker War” are just being realized. A bold new direction for Batman begins as Bruce Wayne’s circumstances are forever changed. How did the Joker’s rampage affected the citizens of the city? And why does Cole Cash-a.k.a.-Grifter, now work for Lucius Fox?!

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    DC Comics News - Derek McNeil Oct 20, 2020

    Batman #101 serves as a great set-up for the new era in Batman comics. And it also makes a good jumping-on point for new readers. After reading this issue, I am confident that we are in or a treat in the months ahead. Read Full Review

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    Black Nerd Problems - Morgan Hampton Oct 22, 2020

    Batman #101 signals a new era for the Caped Crusader and Gotham as Bruce Wayne grapples with how to change his approach to protecting the city.  Read Full Review

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    On Comics Ground - Travis Tucker Oct 21, 2020

    I'm elated to see the new direction Gotham is headed towards. I admit the lengthy exposition of Joker War had me doubting Tynion. When I first praised him for doing what he has been. This issue of the aftermath is definitely what Batman and Gotham truly need. Bruce has become his own trope, and to stay interesting and current he must evolve with the times. With March and Tynion at the helm, I think Gotham is already looking a lot better. Looking forward, I can't wait to see how this unfolds. Though I may jump the gun and complain a bit early before being blown away by the result. My question is, will these changes stick? Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Oct 20, 2020

    I'm very excited about the future of Batman as Tynion continues to create a reinvention that makes sense without a renumbering, new suit or shocking death to establish. Batman has once again become one of DC's best titles in a time when that kind of consistent quality is most desperately needed. Read Full Review

  • 9.4
    The Super Powered Fancast - Deron Generally Oct 20, 2020

    Guillem March delivers some beautifully detailed backgrounds in this issue. March immerses the reader in the city and all of the external shots look amazing. The fight with Grifter is fantastic as well. There is a visceral poetry to it that is well done. Read Full Review

  • 9.1
    Comic Watch - Cody White Oct 20, 2020

    Batman #101 (#DCComics @JamesTheFourth @GuillemMarch @tomeu_morey @ClaytonCowles) closes out "The Joker War" story, setting up a bold new era for the Caped Crusader. And any era that includes Grifter is one I'm ready for! Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Oct 20, 2020

    After the sheer chaos of Joker War, it's time for a break"at least for one issue, because Ghost-Maker is lurking right around the corner to be the next breakout villain of Tynion's run. But this issue is much more about the long-term fallout of Joker War"and how it's going to change Batman's operation. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    But Why Tho? - Charles Hartford Oct 20, 2020

    When all is said and done Batman #101 delivers a well-executed close to one chapter, as well as the beginning of the next. While some of its decisions didnt jive with me completely, I cannot debate the skill with which the creative team delivered them. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Newsarama - Justin Partridge Oct 20, 2020

    Armed with a newfound introspection and thrillingly laid out artwork, Batman #101 sets the title up with real room to grow into something fresher. After the bombast of his first arcs, James Tynion IV seems to be settling into a more pared-down, leaner take on the Dark Knight and it couldn't have come at a better time for the book. Couple this new direction with the expressive and smoothly produced artwork of Guillem March and Tomeu Morey and you have a Batman that could rise from the ashes of 'The Joker War' a better title and hero. Read Full Review

  • 8.7
    Multiversity Comics - Joe Skonce Oct 22, 2020

    "Batman" #101 creates an exciting new direction for Gotham's Dark Knight thanks to a strong script from James Tynion IV and Guillem March's expressive art. Read Full Review

  • 8.2
    Graphic Policy - Brett Oct 20, 2020

    Batman #101 sets the stage for the next direction of Batman and Gotham. It also feels like the start of a commentary on the state of our world. Corruption is underpinning society. Those who have, or have supported, heinous acts are hiding their masks from their neighbors. It's something we'll likely see happen depending on who wins the November election and starting to see now. There's a new status-quo in Gotham and Batman #101 begins our journey into that world. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Comic Book Revolution - Kevin Lainez Oct 21, 2020

    Batman #101 sets the stage for what the franchise will be moving forward. Batman, Catwoman, and Lucius Fox lead what that direction will be with the decisions they each make during the course of this issue. Those decisions along with where Gotham City finds itself post-Joker War create a lot of exciting possibilities for the Batman Family as a whole. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Dark Knight News - Eric Lee Oct 20, 2020

    In my opinion, this issue is a good example of a fantastic artist elevating a mediocre script. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - Jose "Jody" Cardona Oct 23, 2020

    While a great looking issue, the epilogue of The Joker War was more boring than anything else. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    The Batman Universe - Scott Waldyn Oct 20, 2020

    Readers are treated to a much quieter issue this week as writer James Tynion IV and artist Guillem March exposit the new status quo for Batman and Gotham City. This issue is serviceable, albeit unexciting. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Sequential Planet - Matt Herman Oct 23, 2020

    Batman #101 sets up an interesting premise. We'll see how well it sticks to it in the future. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Henchman-4-Hire - Sean Ian Mills Oct 24, 2020

    Small, straight forward issue that tells us about some of the upcoming changes to Batman rather than showing us those changes. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Batman-News - Joshua McDonald Oct 21, 2020

    Batman #101 isn't the most exciting issue we've gotten from James Tynion, but it is one of the better issues he's delivered. He takes his time here to re-establish the status quo, and that will hopefully give him a better foundation after the lackluster "Joker War." My only concern is that Tynion will quickly abandon some of the more interesting story elements he introduces here, much in the way that he did when he first started his Batman run. And, if we're honest, he doesn't have the best track record for delivering strong, long-form stories, so I'm not holding my breath. I hope he proves me wrong, I'm just not sure if it will happen. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    AIPT - Ben Morin Oct 20, 2020

    Batman #101 really struggles to become an issue worth paying cover price for due to its narrative pitfalls. It seems more concerned with setting up future plots than actually providing an engaging one itself. Especially coming off Joker War's clean conclusion, this issue comes off as redundant. Read Full Review

  • 6.0 - Nicole Drum Oct 21, 2020

    It's an okay issue that feels almost like it could have been a summary at the front of something more exciting. Not bad, not great and in some regards better than "Joker War" was an entire arc. Read Full Review

  • 5.8
    Weird Science - Dan Mayhoff Oct 20, 2020

    This latest issue of Batman serves mostly as a transition issue. We have just come out of the Joker War so we need to set up how the circumstances of that crossover have changed things going forward in the Batman book. It's nice for us to have something like this but ultimately the issue itself is not very exciting. Nice to see a surprise appearance in here though. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Forces Of Geek - Lenny Schwartz Oct 22, 2020

    Overall, this is a dull story in a book who's quality is rapidly declining. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    TheHyruleElf Oct 20, 2020

    My problem with Tynion's Batman, aside from the retread of previous stories, is the fact that it breaks one of the first rules of storytelling ALL THE TIME. SHOW, don't TELL. What do I mean by this? Bruce constantly and consistently mentions how "the city is changing" and not once do we actually see that. How nice would it have been to have a scene or two of Batman swinging somberly over the city, no dialogue, looking on at all the changes? When Bruce mentions moving into the Brownstone and changing his style, how nice would it have been to actually SEE that process? Maybe a mostly silent page where he's driving to the new brownstone, he looks up, and says, "Okay, Lucius, let's try it." Even during Joker War, when they mention how civilians more

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    Quinn Oct 20, 2020

    Once again we see nothing happen. We are told that Catwoman has to deal with her enemies, that Lucius has Bruce's money and Bruce will have it back if he wants, but eyes will be on him so he can't spend it.

    Bruce never asks for the money back and says he'll move into a brownstone in the city that he didn't even know he owned. We're told that the city changed and all the Joker goons just took off their masks so no one knows who they are but apparently Clownkiller is tracking them down.

    Again, that's not how money works. If Joker paid the goons, then there is a money trail. The Board pays off Bruce, but he owns the stock. Stock deals can be nullified when fraud is proven. Lucius says he has tens of billions of dollars in more

  • 6.0
    YourGreenMuse Oct 20, 2020

    This was fine. I would prefer a Batman that doesn't have the answer for everything and a limitless amount of tech for every situation. I like that concept. It's far more interesting than the alternative. So the promise of that is intriguing. But this issue is all just set up/fallout, and that's not very exciting.

  • 4.5
    fenixalasnegras Oct 20, 2020

    A number where NOTHING HAPPENS AGAIN.

    Tynion is selling us the Cat and Bat series, just that, again DC is afraid that his characters advance. When do you plan to marry Bruce when she is 80 years old? or he will definitely remain an immature bachelor who cries for attention over and over again.

    The attempt at status Quo is like Marvel's Civil War or the persecution of the Mutants in X-Men.
    This issue have a lot of inconsistency, it is sad to see how Batman listens better to HIS ENEMIES than to his allies, from UNDER THE HOOD, JASON LET HIM KNOW THAT HIS METHODS WERE A FAILURE, it is logical that everything collapses, the twist of seeing a Batman having to start from almost zero is interesting, that is the only thi more

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    EdNothIng Oct 20, 2020

    I like it

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    cincyfan Nov 12, 2020

    This is a almost perfect set up for the future of this book and has me very excited for what’s to come. The writing and dialogue are fantastic James Tynion is a brilliant writer. The artwork is also great there wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this one

  • 8.5
    EDiakota Oct 23, 2020

    " Joker was right."
    - BATMAN

  • 8.0

    Another "New direction" for Batman? it may be a thing of anticipation if it weren't so typical. How long till the next time alteration brings Alfred back and we can get back to normal? Dc is becoming extremely repetitive over the past 15 years and it's rather tiring. I guess we'll just have to see how this "new direction" goes until the next "New direction."
    It could be worse, but it seems every time a new writer comes along they want to make a name for themselves by taking the series in a "new direction" and it looks like that's Tynion's intention.

  • 7.5
    Afre Oct 21, 2020

    It is a good fallout issue to an event I really didn't care about. But that is fine. It is not bad, the writing is solid and art nice. This means a new change to Gotham but unfortunately we don't see it yet.

    So this is once again one of these issues where only the next one will tell how good this is. But I'm very glad there is not a breakup or anything between Selina and Bruce.

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  • 7.5
    DDJamesB Oct 21, 2020

    Pretty good issue. Sets up a new direction and stakes. Looks good.

  • 7.0
    Hellblazer Oct 25, 2020

    More of a prologue to maybe something new(a low-tech Batman???)

  • 6.5
    Nihilist Oct 20, 2020

    The previous issue featured several scenes set after the Joker War ended with a bang. Literally. They served as semi closure of the arc as well as tease of what may come next. And so does this issue. I wish instead of what we've got, everything involving Harley waking up and Clownhunter talking to Bats was squeezed into this comic. You know, just a solid line splitting the event itself from a transisional issue, put right in between two separate issues. Instead the event ends, concludes and lays foundation for future events in oversized #100 and then once more concludes and lays even more founation for what's to come in #101.

    Yes, there's few important things this comic contains, but ultimately it's a fallout issue, one that alon more

  • 6.0
    axdn Oct 20, 2020

    I hope it gets better.

  • 5.0
    LunaMoody Oct 23, 2020

    Batman 101.........This one is kind of hard to rate. There is a lot of things I liked about it and probably equally a lot of things I didn't like about it.

    I liked .....

    For the most part I liked the art work. I did think Batman was drawn way to old looking and at times looked like he was Thomas rather then Bruce. He even had the spiked shoulders at times.

    I liked the fight with Grifter. He was a great character from Wildcats.

    I liked the talking. It's nice to have characters actually interact with each other.

    It was nice to have this issue be about the aftermath of the Joker war. Which honestly I thought would have been so much better then it was. The idea of it was sound but the execu more

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    Grimmjowhugo Oct 21, 2020

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    Lock Oct 21, 2020

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    BitchWitcher Oct 20, 2020

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    Justin Ray Oct 27, 2020

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    sebastianorellana95 Oct 20, 2020

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    letskillrobots Oct 22, 2020

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    Jason The Dude Oct 24, 2020

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    Wolf Warner Oct 24, 2020

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    wesshamu Oct 30, 2020

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    tonpas1989 Oct 20, 2020

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    Josecab79 Oct 20, 2020

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    Swanktub Oct 21, 2020

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    Bananaknight Oct 25, 2020

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    Alexander_Tsitokhtseff Oct 20, 2020

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    ActionCity Oct 20, 2020

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    Magik Oct 21, 2020

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    Watchtower022 Nov 1, 2020

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    KittyNone Nov 2, 2020

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    Urboibolaz Nov 5, 2020

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    Radar Oct 26, 2020

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    hanry1998 Nov 17, 2020

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    haniballecto Oct 20, 2020

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    Darrow Oct 20, 2020

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    Svarietyy Oct 20, 2020

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    Halodystroyer44 Oct 20, 2020

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    Silver Rocket Oct 20, 2020

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    Bruno Mael Nov 17, 2020

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