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Infinite Frontier #0

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The next phase of the DC Universe begins here! Dark Knights: Death Metal presented the darkest threats of the Multiverse. DC Future State revealed what may lie ahead. Now it’s time to look into the Infinite Frontier of the current-day DC Universe.
In Gotham City, The Joker jolts citizens awake with an attack even the Dark Knight never expected. In Brazil, a young woman discovers her destiny and her connection to the Amazons. In Belle Reve, Amanda Waller plots an invasion of Arkham Asylum. In the far reaches of space, Mongul dreams of galactic domination, while the Green Lantern Corps hosts a summit of its greatest enemies. At the Ha more

  • 10
    Black Nerd Problems - Morgan Hampton Mar 3, 2021

    There were some really promising glimpses in this zero issue. Even some connections to things we saw in Future State.  Everything seems to have a level of connectivity that hasn't been felt in a while. Some of the swings are big, and I hope they stick to some of the changes that are being made. All in all, Infinite Frontier really looks to fulfill its promise in being infinite, at least when it comes to what the possibilities may be.  Read Full Review

  • 10
    DC Comics News - Derek McNeil Mar 2, 2021

    While there are a few worrying bits, Infinite Frontier #0 was a fascinating look at the current state of the DC Universe. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it. The previews of upcoming storylines brought back fond memories of the DC Sampler specials from the 1980s. I am eager to see how these stories play out in their individual books. And I can't wait to see how DC's heroes fare against Darkseid in this summer's Infinite Frontier event. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Kabooooom - Matt Morrison Mar 2, 2021

    It is about honoring the past and what came before, but finding new ways to change it up for the modern age. Everything old may be new again, but I think this issue will prove truly timeless. Read Full Review

  • 9.7
    Comic Watch - Cody White Mar 2, 2021

    It's hard to not be excited for the future of #DCComics after reading Infinite Frontier #0, brought to us by @Williamson_Josh @JamestheFourth @Ssnyder1835 @johntimmsart @sinccolor @BrianMBendis and many, many, many more! Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary - Anj Mar 8, 2021

    If you are a DCU fan, you should buy this. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Jan 1, 1970

    This is the biggest issue of the week for DC as it showcases whats coming for 2021 in a way that suggests less depressing storylines those appropriately seem reserved for the Batman corner of the DCU and a better sense of unpredictable adventure. Dont miss this one. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Comics Bookcase - Zack Quaintance Mar 2, 2021

    A rich and deliberate table-setter for a new pared down DC Universe with more creative freedom and an evident awareness of the importance of its own legacy, Infinite Frontier #0 is a rewarding read that seems to portend better days ahead for DC Comics. Read Full Review

  • 9.2
    The Comicbook Dispatch - acnbat Mar 3, 2021

    Final Thoughts : While I may have personally been a bit disappointed in not seeing some of my favorite heroes besides in a tiny panel with no dialogue, that doesn't sway my feeling that this is one heck of an issue! Everything is open. Everything is basically up for grabs. Now, hopefully unlike Rebirth, DC can follow through with some GREAT stories! This issue is certainly accessible to new readers and left this fan filled with a sense of hope and genuinely excited about what's to come from DC for the first time in quite a while! Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comic Crusaders - Johnny "The Machine" Hughes Mar 3, 2021

    Books like this are ambitious in their scope and often promise much and deliver little; a sleight that has been levelled at DC previously. Yet, with the magic of comics, we the reader are once again filled with the hope that this time, that this reboot will pack the punch that we hope for. Maybe it is that frontier of hope that is truly infinite! Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    AIPT - Ryan Perry Mar 2, 2021

    DC Comics truly seems to be drawing their line in the sand here, and have outlined a new direction fans haven't seen from the company in quite some time. It's fresh, and exciting. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Mar 2, 2021

    This book jumps around a lot, but with very few exceptions, but it gives us an amazing look at the future of the DCU. Also, there's a surprise title announcement at the end that makes me VERY happy. DC is kicking off their latest relaunch in style. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - Jose "Jody" Cardona Mar 2, 2021

    Infinite Frontier #0 is a great, albeit overwhelming stepping-off point into this new era of DC. Read Full Review

  • 8.7
    The Super Powered Fancast - Deron Generally Mar 2, 2021

    An awesome epilogue that delivers some great, unexpected surprises. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    GWW - Nick Friar Mar 3, 2021

    It's a must-read for fans invested in the next stage of DC books and for those looking to put a pin in all things Dark Nights: Death Metal-related. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Multiversity Comics - Brian Salvatore Mar 5, 2021

    A stellar, hopeful, exciting shot across the bow. Read Full Review

  • 8.4
    Forces Of Geek - Lenny Schwartz Mar 3, 2021

    This gives me hope that this could be a nice turn for DC. Overall, this is pretty good. Let's see where we go from here. Read Full Review

  • 8.3
    Weird Science - Jim Werner Mar 2, 2021

    It's time to get back to the main books, and Infinite Frontier #0 gives you a glimpse of what that will look like.  This book feels significant, not as an apology or promise, like the DC Universe: Rebirth Special did back in 2016, but just as a start of a broader journey ahead.  Let's hope DC sticks with it because it could be something special. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Dark Knight News - Steve J Ray Mar 3, 2021

    Eras end, but from here on out all we have ahead of us is an Infinite Frontier. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Beyond The Panel - Jideobi Odunze Mar 3, 2021

    Overall, still skeptical after Infinite Frontier #0, but this does not mean that I'm not against going into these new stories with a more opened mind than what I jumped in with initially. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    But Why Tho? - Charles Hartford Mar 2, 2021

    Bringing it all togetherInfinite Frontier #0 serves as an excellent primer for DCs post-Future State comics line. Setting characters in their place, starting storylines, and hinting at future perils makes this book a must-pickup for any fan who needs to know the full story of what is transpiring in DCs new Omniverse. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Comic Book Revolution - Rokk Mar 4, 2021

    Overall: Infinite Frontier #0 is an excellent read. This issue successfully sets the stage for this new direction for the DCU. The reader gets treated to multiple quality teaser stories for the new directions for the various DC franchises. This issue also does an excellent job kicking off the new big event in Infinite Frontier that starts in July of 2021. I am all in on Infinite Frontier and this new direction for the DCU. I would definitely recommend checking out Infinite Frontier #0. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Graphic Policy - Brett Mar 2, 2021

    Infinite Frontier #0 isn't bad but it doesn't quite excite. By the end of the issue I found myself more excited about concepts than the comics themselves. Very few of the segments left me wanting to immediately find out what happens next. Instead, it the comic feels like a short ashcan, teasing what's to come with a few pages and back material to fill things out. It shows what's to come but it never quite puts things over. Instead, it nails its role as a guide, a way to browse what DC has to offer. Read Full Review

  • 6.0 - Evan Valentine Mar 3, 2021

    Infinite Frontier is a mixed bag, with the final revelation of the comic feeling like retread ground. This issue acts as a marketing experience to sell readers on the future of DC Comics' stories, but it's at best a good entryway that could have been great. Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Batman-News - Corbin Mar 4, 2021

    I wasn't interested in Nubia taking on the Wonder Woman mantle. For those of you not familiar, the character began its life as a Silver Age gimmick (Wonder Woman's "black sister") that has aged poorly, only to be erased in a crisis, revived around the early Aughts (in a less gimmicky/cringey fashion), and quickly dropped back into obscurity. In other words, the character had a really rocky start and no one has an idea what to do with her. While this could be an ideal formula for some clever clarence of a writer to make something really cool, I just don't trust current DC to do that.; Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Psycamorean Mar 2, 2021

    There are good and bad glimpses of stories here. I'm not looking forward to Bendis' JL, Becky Cloonan's Wonder Woman, Tim Sheridan's Teen Titans, Geoffrey Thorne's Green Lantern or Geoff Johns' Stargirl. The rest though, I'm optimistic about for now. This read much more like a previews magazine than like another DC Universe: Rebirth. But it wasn't too bad.

  • 6.0
    SONOFBATMANN Mar 2, 2021

    I vomited after seeing the last page.

    I'm excited for John's Stargirl, Ram V Swamp Thing, Suicide Squad, and Williamson Robin. I might check out PKJ Superman and the new Wally Flash series (but Brandon Petersen's art is absolutely horrendous).

    Regardless, I new the Quintessence was going to get offed because of the leaks that came out a while ago and it really blows that high level cosmic deities are taken out with no build up. I'm assuming that they are ramping up for an Earth Omega Darkseid event at the end of the Infinite Frontier storyline/publishing initiative/Rebirth 2.0, but I can only hope that they don't get Romita on art because he's lost it hard.

    And by the way, literally no one in Brasil says fuc more

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  • 5.0
    fenixalasnegras Mar 2, 2021

    Not bad but not excellent either and if we compare it with the price it falls short. It clarifies many gaps and there is also a lot of fillers or characters that do not interest to see a particular audience, it is a way of forcing the reader to buy expensive for one or two characters that they like and have to pay for many stories or characters that do not he was interested.

    Now if this is to fill in the gaps he is not doing a good job, he brings Roy without any explanation, it is good to have him back but this has been the stupidest thing I have read, boom he just shows up. And Alfred? I wonder when they will bring him back. I imagine it will be when they finish with their Batman / Catwoman and they need to unite the family agai more

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  • 1.0
    Maud Benjamin Mar 2, 2021

    Making Alan Scott a gay who cheated two women into marriage is beyond disgusting.🤢 This is a superscum, not a superhero. All I can see is the misogyny of the writer.

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  • 5.0
    GL Fan 2814 Mar 2, 2021

    I disliked this more than I liked it and I found it to be very average for all the hype piled on it. I hated the ending which positioned the "big bad" to be way too powerful considering how easily he dispatched the characters he killed.
    This book really cemented for me how poor of a writer Geoff Thorne is and I am finding myself in a position of not buying the Green Lantern book in a very, very long time. In fact, I'm not sure at this point what I'm buying from DC if anything. I know that DC supposedly nixed their 5G plans, but it certainly looks like 5G with a different coat of paint on it.
    Lastly, I really hate what DC has done with Alan Scott. Readers have read Alan's thought balloons for over 80 years and there was not one h more

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  • 7.0
    雨人点雪 Mar 2, 2021

    The last few pages are really nightmare. JRJR YYDS

  • 3.5
    RedKSuperman Mar 3, 2021

    Meh. Nothing to write home about.

  • 8.5
    Swift Planet Apr 17, 2021

    The story was a great transition from the ending of Death Metal and Future State, but man they really needed better artists for such a book.

    Also the last page had me so happy in more ways than one. One because of *y'know* being how he should be, and also that JrJr is no longer working for DC... because yikes.

  • 7.5
    Onomatopoeia Mar 2, 2021

    Future State was so bleak and dystopian that it really turned me off of the "potential future" DC had to offer. Compare this with the bustling hope of Infinite Frontier and I can't shake the dread of the former. The problem with starting at the top is that it's all downhill from there. I don't want to watch as these characters, old and new, devolve into the mess that was Future Sate...

    That said, the stories were fine, if anything the word 'safe' comes to mind.

    ** Oh! I have to say, Shazadam is the dumbest name I have ever heard.

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  • 6.5
    TheKing Mar 2, 2021

    Basically the same old shit DC has been promising the last 5 years.

  • 6.0
    Nightmare of Solomon Mar 3, 2021

    Nowhere near as good as DC Rebirth. Also, as someone else said, with Future State being so goddamn bleak, you can't help but to see this and think "whelp, we're gonna go downhill from here"

  • 9.5
    Antenovial Mar 2, 2021

    A good glimpse into the Future of the DC Universe.

    This is strictly something for the fans that enjoy knowing where continuity stands and what the overall narrative of the DCU is supposed to be for now. Maybe even for those that aren't sure whether to pick up a title that is represented here.

    What makes this so enjoyable are the easter eggs woven into the story and the sense of grandeur that comes through. This is an Omniverse odyssey after all.

    Overall the art and the writing are good, but as in every anthology, some creators fall short compared to others. The dialogue feels very stilted and unnatural in the beginning but grows stronger once the next writer takes over. The Flash story has art that takes a more

  • 9.0
    GEEKYTIME! Mar 2, 2021


  • 9.0
    KittyNone Mar 2, 2021

    Just an expensive preview of coming attractions, but I quite liked everything here but the epilogue — even the stuff that I know is going to disappoint me like Bendis's Justice League — and this little taster has me properly excited for DC comics again after two months of slogging through Future State. Not unmissable, but if you're the sort of sucker like me who shells out six bucks for a preview it's good for what it is.

  • 9.0
    F.T. Wolf Mar 5, 2021

    Lots to talk about as a fan, but I'm keeping it brief.
    It's very good, especially the smaller, character-based moments. The framing device works well to bring these stories, some long some short, together in a cohesive fashion.
    There is some chaos in here due to the amount of different stories and the style of these stories, but it's not a deal-breaker by any means.

  • 8.5
    Toonstrack Mar 3, 2021

    Lots of stuff to look forward to. Solid art and dialogue in all segments. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  • 8.0
    vivek Mar 2, 2021

    initially, I did not think would be excited about this.
    After reading this, I will look forward to the future comic that DC has to offer.

  • 8.0
    TGttgg Mar 2, 2021

    Pretty decent issue.

  • 8.0
    EDiakota Mar 9, 2021

    " You're The Flash now, Wally."

  • 8.0
    mrDovydas Mar 31, 2021

    I'm a sucker for books like this that go through various different corners of the universe, showcasing the current state of the characters, as well as providing the reader with a glimpse of the future. This one didn't disappoint, I'm somewhat more interested in what's coming next to the DC Universe.

  • 7.5
    Axolotl Mar 3, 2021

    This book was meant to be a teaser for things to come, which is indeed what it felt like.

    Some characters get more screen time than others, especially Batman who gets a lot of pages for his story. I don't know why they felt the need to give Batman so many pages when his book comes out the same day. Other characters stories could have used a few extra pages, the Titans story felt especially lacking and didn't even have the Titans in it.

    There is also a scene in which the Spectre just goes off on Jon Kent, and while the Spectre give his reasoning it felt bizarre since Jon has never shown any indication of becoming a tyrant like the Spectre claims he will be. I don't really know what they point of that story was or more

  • 7.5
    MattRaccoonki Mar 3, 2021

    So he went out. It seems like there are changes, there are advances, everything looks new. Yes? We are reminded again of the Justice Society. Lots of young characters again. DC "restarts" over and over again what just needed to be repaired. Call me an idiot, but how is IF different from Rebirth?
    Just kidding, but in every joke ..
    And yes, Darkside is... badass.

  • 7.0
    Merlyn Mar 2, 2021

    The story overall was not bad but a lot of directions for the characters are questionable to say the least. This issue was supposed to make me hopeful for the future of the DCU and it has failed in that matter. Compare this to DC Universe - Rebirth and the difference is huge in terms of quality. Yes, I know, there's another one coming in July but if it's like this, we're better off without it.

  • 7.0
    the green death Mar 2, 2021

    I thought I was going to be more excited for the coming new series after this but left only really interested in Superman and the Stargirl special and figuring I’ll give the new Green Lantern series a shot too. Nothing else much grabbed me and that includes the upcoming crossover series.

  • 7.0
    Bats20832 Mar 5, 2021

    Interesting issue, and not bad; apparently these are excepts from some of future books. Do we have a name/number for our Earth? A lot of discussion about "Elseworlds" Earth and Omega Earth (apparently home of Darkseid), but what Earth are "we" on, the "Elseworlds" Earth? That doesn't have a lot of coherency. Given the complexities of the Omniverse of multiple universes, it is worth clarifying for the readers to keep track.

    I am not sure how Wally West is going to resolve things, but apparently he returns as Flash of our Earth, while Barry Allen becomes the Flash for the universe to monitor the omniverse.

    The Batman, Stargirl, and others have interesting stories, and the current Batman 106 is the lead into the Magist more

  • 6.5
    C.V.R. The Bard Mar 7, 2021

    Took me back to when Rebirth dropped , and I honestly am just glad Doomsday Clock is still canon (Note this is written by a creator who believes The Watchmen is The Bible).
    Other than that there's nothing special here. If you want a good epilogue to Death Metal,then look no further than Immortal Wonder Woman. Because this is all that is, except watered-down and unnecessary.Though those final pinals gave J.R. Jr. some room to shine. That god's artwork sure is something else ... Felt a Free Comic Book Day book, and didn't even carry a #1 on it, though it was just as expository as Rebirth #1, except a little too hopeful. Felt like I was being patrionized throughout the whole read, but then again that's how entities that aren't human, li more

  • 6.0
    JBL Reviews Mar 6, 2021

    A lot of nothing. Just one more reboot

  • 5.0
    TheKize Mar 8, 2021

    $6 for a commercial. Few of the stories are more than a very brief preview.

  • 1.5
    KFuqua Mar 8, 2021

    Wow...just a lot of garbage in here. I guess DC didn't learn their lesson with the New 52 garbage, so they're trying it again. From what I see here, it looks like DC will finally drive me away from comics, after being an avid reader/collector for over 50 years.

  • 1.0
    Tanzid Ahmmed Tonmoy Mar 7, 2021


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    Nicetrylaoche Mar 3, 2021

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    TheBest Mar 3, 2021

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    Bragadavi5 Mar 2, 2021

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    Leylin Mar 2, 2021

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    Bruno Mael Mar 3, 2021

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    Venger Mar 4, 2021

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    chefburne Mar 8, 2021

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    BitchWitcher Mar 2, 2021

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    jarheadtree Mar 2, 2021

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    Justin Ray Mar 5, 2021

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    Crimson Knight Mar 6, 2021

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    sebastianorellana95 Mar 2, 2021

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    Swanktub Mar 5, 2021

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    Radar Mar 8, 2021

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    imderekreide Mar 3, 2021

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    Magik Mar 4, 2021

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    ActionCity Mar 4, 2021

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    Jason The Dude Mar 14, 2021

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    Red Hood Apr 15, 2021

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    CWagz19 Apr 19, 2021

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    GeassScipio Mar 2, 2021

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    tonpas1989 Mar 2, 2021

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    Watchtower022 Mar 3, 2021

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    wesshamu Mar 24, 2021

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    Svarietyy Mar 2, 2021

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    Bananaknight Mar 8, 2021

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    Walt's Comics & Books Mar 14, 2021

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    SoosX Mar 3, 2021

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    maelstron Mar 4, 2021

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    Owen Mar 2, 2021

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    jamiewright Mar 5, 2021

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